Jamie Zhu Bio, Mom & Family of The Facebook and Youtube Vlogger

Jamie Zhu Bio, Mom & Family of The Facebook and Youtube Vlogger

Since YouTube is a credible way to make money and become a social and international star, the burden of achieving this lies with the authors, who have the task of attracting thousands and millions of viewers to their sites through each video. One content that has proven to be popular is pranks, and although there are several hundred YouTubers who create content in this genre, not many do it better than Jamie Zhu.

In a world where father-son relationships are constantly improving, Jamie Zhu has found a way to tap into this emotional market by constantly playing pranks on his father in hilarious jokes that serve both to entertain and to show the healthy relationship between him and his father. Through his successful way of walking this line, he has earned over 500,000 subscribers with several million views. Here is everything else you need to know about the YouTube star.

Jamie Zhu Biography

On September 2, 1993, a son was born to them in Australia who would later become the thorn in the flesh of his parents. Jamie was born into a mixed family with an Australian mother and a Chinese father and grew up in a multicultural environment where he developed a broader world view of cultures and personalities.

Jamie Zhu Bio, Mom & Family of The Facebook and Youtube Vlogger
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Although the exact beginnings of his academic journey are not known, before becoming a YouTube star, he was a student of sports science at an Australian university.

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Before pranks became his life, Jamie Zhu grew up with the desire to become a professional footballer and also a comedian. Unfortunately, he was only able to realize one of his dreams, and he had to settle for working in the backroom as a sports scientist to be an athlete.

As a comedian, however, Jamie Zhu found more happiness and success in his quest after setting up his YouTube channel on 29 April 2014. Jamie Zhu, who focuses on comedies, especially string videos, has since been able to create an audience of over 500,000,000 subscribers with over 29 million hits.

After a few video uploads of him, he became famous after a string video in which he “accidentally” watched porn in a college classroom without headphones spread. Through the video, Zhu began to attract the attention of many viewers around the world, and he was able to further solidify their interest in his work through several videos of pranks by his father and mother. While his videos playing pranks on his parents dominate his channel, he also tends to take time out to play pranks on strangers, as defined by another viral moment in 2018, when he was expelled from the room during a game of the Australian Open for sex noises.

Although it was a viral moment for Jamie, it was not without major criticism from his fans and other viewers. Nevertheless, Jamie Zhu was able to maintain a growing interest in fans and viewers both on his YouTube channel of the same name and on the Facebook page where he uploads his videos.

When he’s not making a fool of himself in comedy, Jamie blogs about his life and uploads them on a separate channel, Jamie Zhu Vlogs. The channel has a modest number of subscribers with a growing number of videos.

Family: Dad and Mom Of The Facebook And Youtube Vlogger

Jamie Zhu has built a YouTube career by playing pranks on his parents, especially his father, but it was a good-natured joke based on the happy relationship he has with both parents.

Jamie Zhu Bio, Mom & Family of The Facebook and Youtube Vlogger
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Although he spent a considerable portion of his life with his mother in Australia while his father was in China, he has a close relationship with both parents, maintaining a strong connection to both his Australian and Chinese roots.

Apart from the pranks and the hilarity that results, much is unknown about his parents, such as details about their profession, but it is believed that they are comfortable people who have found easy success in their chosen professions.

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Other Facts About Jamie Zhu

The video of himself watching porn in a college classroom without a headphone which made him popular was filmed at the University of New South Wales.

Jamie Zhu is a collaborator and he has worked on another YouTuber, Chestbrah to create a popular video, Annoying Chestbrah Fan Prank!.

Zhu has a net worth estimated to be $500,000.

He weighs 75 kg and has black colored hair and dark brown eyes.