Jason Capital Biography & Net Worth, 5 Facts You Need To Know

Jason Capital Biography & Net Worth, 5 Facts You Need To Know

Regular users of the social Internet community may be familiar with the name of Jason Capital in one way or another. After all, he is one of America’s up-and-coming young entrepreneurs who has established himself as one of the leading motivators in personal finance and dating through social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Jason, who often refers to himself as America’s honest dating coach, has managed to attract a large fan base that has put him on remarkable lists such as that of former President Barack Obama’s Top 100 entrepreneurs in the country.

His sales pitch, that he can help people find their dream partner, has made him a public figure worth talking about, and that’s exactly what we’re doing below, including five interesting facts about him. Read on to learn more about Jason Capital.

Jason Capital Biography & Net Worth, 5 Facts You Need To Know
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Jason Capital Biography

The entrepreneur has done a good job so far of keeping his real name out of the media, but there has been some background information about him, such as the fact that he was born in Michigan on June 11, 1988. As he once mentioned, he does not like writing about himself; and therefore a lot of information about his background is unknown.

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Jason Capital started as your typical American child, attending high school until college until he decided to quit school and pursue another interest in his life. Shortly after dropping out of college, Jason began his life as a dating coach after developing talent for it during his time in college. He began to help several men from all walks of life acquire the tools they needed to date the women of their dreams, starting an operation that spanned 11 years.

As a dating coach, he created several eBooks and spoke about his insight into the relationship between men and women at various seminars and conferences. He has also expanded his activities into the field of personal finance and, among other things, founded his company Capital Research International. Through the company, Jason Capital has coached and taught over 100,000 clients how to improve their finances or attract women according to their needs, earning him a place in President Barack Obama’s list of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs in America.

Jason Capital currently operates out of Beverly Hills, California.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Jason Capital

He has a net worth of $2 million

As a man who is well versed in the business of educating men and women on how to improve their finances, Jason Capital has been able to build a sustainable income model for himself that is sufficient to live a luxurious life, such as chartering private aircraft and staying in luxury hotels. He has also been able to maintain a net worth estimated at $2 million.

It is believed that his income comes from the sale of his books, conferences, and social media, particularly through YouTube, where he has thousands of subscribers and has watched his videos several million times.

Jason Capital Biography & Net Worth, 5 Facts You Need To Know
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He is a published author

Jason Capital’s way of sharing knowledge with his audience has produced several eBooks, including Make Women, Want You, He Just Gets Me, The Power Switch, but although he owns over 20 eBooks, he has also written and published a full-length book entitled Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Performance.

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He is in a long-term relationship

For a man who is considered well-versed in the art of male-female relationships, it would be surprising if he were not in a relationship. But this is not the case for Jason Capital, who has been in a relationship with Nataly Biskay since 2013. The couple, both successful people in their different fields (Nataly is a fused glass artist), have not shied away from celebrating their love on their social platforms, especially Instagram. The couple currently lives in California with two French bulldogs.

Jason Capital used to be an avid basketball player

During his high school years and well into college, Jason Capital was an active basketball player. Although the extent of his high school and college career is unknown, it is known that he competed in competitions before becoming a life coach.

Jason’s Height

Jason Capital retains the personality and appearance of an attractive man and is further strengthened by a height of 1.5 meters. His height helped him during his short basketball career and also his dashing look, which is complemented by brown hair and black eyes.