Jason Elam Height & Weight, Wife (Tammy Elam) & Net Worth

Jason Elam – Height & Weight, Wife (Tammy Elam) & Net Worth

From college legend to NFL draft star with multiple sponsorship contracts and a luxurious lifestyle, Jason Elam 17-year NFL career has been clearly successful and worth it. Just like Nick Folk, the retired football field kicker had a long, amazing career in the NFL and was fortunate enough to have won a number of championship titles.

What’s special about his time in the NFL is that unlike other players in his class, who often went bankrupt immediately after retirement, Jason Elam managed his income properly and was able to accumulate a decent fortune. Learn more about his background, career, net worth, and other facts you never knew about him.

Who Exactly is Jason Elam?

Jason was born on March 8, 1970, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He attended Brookwood High School, where he began his football career and graduated from the first team of the All-County Honor Round and the second team of the All-State Championships. Jason Elam was also successful in athletics and swimming. But he was more interested in football than in his other sports events.

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In 1988, Jason enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and, as expected, joined the school soccer team as a placekicker. In his four years at school, he was praised for the third-highest score in NCAA history. He also scored a draw for the second-most field goals and was also named the best scorer ever at the Western Athletic Conference. Elam has also been voted All-WAC three times.

Jason Elam Height & Weight, Wife (Tammy Elam) & Net Worth
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After earning a degree in Communications, he was fortunate enough to be selected by the Denver Broncos, an American football team, in 1992 to play in the third round of the 1993 NFL Draft. In Jason’s first year in the football franchise, the talented placeholder scored 119 points, finishing seventh in the NFL and fourth in the AFC for the points earned. His 26 field goals also earned him the fourth-highest score in the team’s history.

Jason Elam played 15 seasons for the Broncos and held his own throughout his time with the team, scoring a 63-yard field goal, the longest field goal in NFL history alongside Tom Dempsey, David Akers, and Sebastian Janikowski, a record that was broken later in 2013. He was also included in the Pro Bowl selection three times.

In 2008, a year after he left the Broncos, Jason signed a four-year contract with the Falcons. The contract was worth $9 million with a $3.3 million guarantee. However, there was no serious win for Jason on his new team, as he only scored eight of fifteen field goals over 30 yards for the Falcons. Unable to repeat the breakthroughs of his earlier career, he was fired from the club the following year despite having a few remaining years on the contract. Since Jason developed a special love for his previous team, he had to sign a one-day contract with Denver just to officially retire from the field as Bronco. In March 2010 he left the field.

In his 17 years in the NFL, he took a position of strength and set several records, including winning two Super Bowl rings and triple All-Pro selection. He has also written three successful books titled Blackout, Blown Coverage, and Monday Night Jihad.

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What Is Jason Elam Net Worth?

Jason lives the life of his dreams considering the huge salaries he’s earned while in the NFL. He made about $2.25 million a year at the peak of his career. Outside of his income as a placekicker, Jason Elam earns money through advertising and sponsorship. The famous football champion has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

Details of his Children & Wife – Tammy Elam

Jason Elam Height & Weight, Wife (Tammy Elam) & Net Worth
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Most likely one of the longest marriages in the NFL between Tammy Elam and Jason Elam. The couple not only managed to hold on to each other for a long time but also made each other happy. The couple met in 1993, which was Jason’s first year in the NFL. At that time Tammy was a cheerleader for the franchise and was dating another woman. This kept Jason from approaching her when he wanted to. Fortunately, Jason got the chance to finally talk to her at the 1995 Japan Bowl in Tokyo.

It happened that Tammy was already about to end her relationship with her boyfriend, which made things easy for Jason. They immediately became friends and eventually started dating. They got engaged in 1996 and during the NFL off-season that year they made the covenant of life in a private ceremony. Although they managed to keep their relationship fairly low-key, the bond they share is very visible.

The bond, which has lasted over a decade, has resulted in the birth of 6 children, including 4 sons (Jason Jr. Joshua, Jude, and Jackson) and 2 daughters (Jordan and Julianna). The family lives in Sitka, Alaska.

Jason Elam Height & Weight

Jason is 5 feet 11 inches tall, which is 5 feet 6 inches. He weighs 194lbs, which is 185 pounds.