Jessica Chastain Age, Net Worth, Height & Husband

Jessica Chastain – Age, Net Worth, Height & Husband

Best known for her role in Zero Dark Thirty and Miss Sloane, Jessica Chastain is undoubtedly synonymous with hard work and talent. Her acting skills are always just right, which is why she has remained one of Hollywood’s most celebrated talents over the past decade, winning remarkable awards and award nominations. On stage and on screen, she never goes wrong, and this kind of talent is what continues in all her work. When she is not on stage or on screen, she produces great works. The point is that you will never see her if she does anything less than the highest.

Who is Jessica Chastain and How Old is She?

The Golden Globe award-winning actress was born on March 24, 1977, in Sacramento, California. As a child, she lived in a northern California residential area with her mother, Jerri Renee Hastey, and her stepfather, Micahel Hastey, a firefighter whom her mother married after she was separated from Jessica’s biological father, Michael Monasterio, a rock musician.

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Jessica Chastain has three siblings, two sisters and one brother. Her mother worked as a vegan cook and was a middle-class earner. In this sense, the four siblings did not have the most fascinating childhood in terms of financing. Even more unfortunate is that Jessica’s sister resorted to drugs for several years before killing herself in 2003.

Jessica Chastain Age, Net Worth, Height & Husband
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The actress attended EL Camino Fundamental High School in Sacramento but was not really a school person as she struggled with the school program. Although school seemed very hard for her, she found reading Shakespeare much more comforting than reading school books. She felt poorly integrated into the school environment and later had to obtain an adult diploma after missing graduation because she was constantly absent from school. Jessica Chastain went to Sacramento City College for one year from 1996 to 1997.


Jessica loved acting since childhood but started acting professionally on stage in 1998. She got the chance to play the role of Juliet in a stage production of Romeo and Juliet. This brought her the attention she deserved and eventually a scholarship to the Julliard School, which was fully sponsored by Robin Williams. In 2003 she became one of the hundreds of talented students who received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and began to prepare for better opportunities. Soon after, she began taking television roles on shows such as Law & Order and many others. In 2008 she got the chance to appear in movies and immediately gained fame for her outstanding performances in taking Shelter and The Tree of Life.

This was the birth of the star that she is today. To this day she has a Golden Globe Award and several Oscar nominations, which she has earned. Apart from becoming award material that always makes the cut in award shows, Jessica has gone beyond stealing attention through acting and has opened her own production company. Her name is Freckle Films and she seems willing to explore this aspect as it should be.

The Hollywood stunner is also someone to watch when it comes to promoting the right activism, as she is not afraid to stand up for mental health and gender and racial equality.

Net Worth

The New Yorker, who has received numerous Golden Globe nominations and received the award for best actress in a feature film – drama, is a regular face in highly profitable films such as The Martian, The Zero dark thirty, among others, so we do not know how much her net worth is not to run in several million dollars. Since entering the film industry in 2004, she has successfully earned over $20 million.

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Boyfriend or Husband and Children

Jessica is notoriously private and is always unwilling to reveal things about her private life or her family. Nevertheless, there are things she couldn’t keep completely out of the public eye and that is the fact that she caught butterflies for a man who is not in the film industry. His name is Gian Luca Passi and he is six years younger than she is. It is not clear when and where they first met, but the two began their relationship in 2012 and they maintained a long-distance relationship for a year before Gian decided to move to New York in 2013 to stay close to his special counterpart.

Jessica Chastain Age, Net Worth, Height & Husband
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After several years of living in New York, Gian, who is a fashion mogul, decided to propose to Jessica in early 2017. In the middle of the year, the two married at Preposulos family home in Carbonara, Italy. The couple has a daughter by surrogacy, whom they welcomed in 2018.

If the name Gian sounds, it is because it comes from the famous old Italian noble family Passi de Preposulo, originally from Bergamo in Lombardy. His family produces their own Prosecco, elegantly called Prosecco di Villa Tiepolo Passi.

Beyond the wealth and fame of his family, Gian has also built a great profile for himself. He is an executive for Moncler, a French clothing company, and his presence in the high fashion industry has earned him high-profile friends such as Julie Roberts, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, among others.

Gian has also followed in his family’s footsteps by creating his own premium prosecco brand called FIOL. The brand was created based on the introduction of a significant change in the culture around Prosecco and other sparkling white wines, so that Prosecco will be a beverage of choice for everyone, for all occasions.

Height & Body Measurements Of Jessica Chastain

Jessica has an incredibly beautiful-looking slim frame. She weighs 56 kg. She is not quite as tall and stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, but her weight fits her frame perfectly. She has embraced yoga and a healthy diet as the secrets to maintaining her petite appearance.