Jilly Anais Age, Boyfriend & Family Life of Actress & Model
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As an all-rounder who has left his mark in acting, modeling, and singing, it is difficult to say which profession is most responsible for the fame of Jilly Anais, but it cannot be denied that all three have contributed significantly to the young actress’ overall fame.

Jilly Anais belongs to an emerging group of young creative people who do not define themselves by one aspect of the creative spectrum and who strive for excellence in all media. She has appeared in films such as God Send and Freakish, and also released an extended project called The Juice while accompanying some catwalks and modeling for various brands. At this young age, Jilly Anais is forging a unique path, and you can read all about her journey below.

Jilly Anais Biography & Age

The Instagram model, actress, and singer were born on January 2, 1996, in Houston, Texas, as one of three children in the family. She developed an affinity for show business at an early age and, with the support of her parents, began to develop her interest and talents by taking various classes, including three years in ballet. While taking ballet classes, Jilly Anais also began her journey as an actress, performing in various plays as a young child, enrolling in the Ensemble Theater at the age of five, and performing several plays over the course of eight years.

Jilly Anais Age, Boyfriend & Family Life of Actress & Model
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While she received a number of training hours for her creative work, Jilly Anais attended Premier High School for her academics. In high school, she continued her involvement in various creative endeavors by joining the school’s drama club while also working as a cheerleader. At the age of 13, she also began her life as a model by signing with the Page Parkes Modeling & Acting Agency, which led to appearances in commercials and fashion ads for the Houston-born model. Her modeling career was further advanced when she has crowned Miss Teen Houston in 2010.

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Jilly Anais made the decision to move to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to continue her career in show business, and since then she has achieved a number of successes. In addition to her growing career as a model, which has earned her over 2.7 million followers on Instagram, she has had a number of appearances as an actress in films such as God Send and the short film Scooby-Doo Is Back.

She has also appeared on television shows such as Freakish, where she played the character, an episode of Beverly in 2016, East Los High in 2013, and Jilly Anais released her debut project The Juice as a singer in 2015. The EP was produced in collaboration with the group The Invaders. She has collaborated with other artists such as Troi Irons and considers Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson as her inspiration.

Besides Instagram, Jilly Anais is also present on other major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and SoundCloud, where she releases some of her latest music.

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Who is Jilly Anais’ Boyfriend?

Jilly Anais is an attractive and beautiful woman whose Instagram commentary section features an endless number of admirers who would love to call her their partner, but so far only one man is known to have enjoyed this privilege, and that is an NBA player Dejounte Murray.

Jilly Anais Age, Boyfriend & Family Life of Actress & Model
Image source

It is believed that Jilly Anais and Dejounte Murray have had a serious relationship for several years, with Dejounte missing the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend to spend time with her. The reason for their ultimate breakup is unknown, but it happened in the last months of 2018. The breakup was chaotic and Dejounte accused Jilly Anais of being a gold digger and Jilly offered a rebuttal of her own.

However, it is believed that Jilly Anais has remained single without a known partner since the separation.

Her Family Life

When it comes to her family, Jilly Anais has done a good job of keeping details about her family members out of the media, although she is open to celebrating them whenever necessary on social media.

All we know so far is that she was raised by supportive parents who are Jamaican, French, and Dutch. She also has two brothers as members of her immediate family.