Joe Callahan Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Other facts

Joe Callahan Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Other facts

When Joe Callahan started playing soccer with his peers in Cape May, few people had any idea that he would one day go pro and play in the National Football League. When he entered high school and got even better, people were thrilled with his throwing skills, and in his college season, Joe became one of two people to throw a total of 5,000 yards with 55 touchdowns in a single season.

How exactly was he able to do that? In the following sections, you’ll find an account of his biography, how he got from Division 3 to the NFL, facts about him and his career, without forgetting his body measurements.

Joe Callahan Bio

The footballer was born on June 4, 1993, at Cape May Court House, New Jersey, and named Francis Joseph Callahan as dead to Joe Callahan (father) and Judy Callahan (mother). He has one brother and two sisters as siblings, one of whom is named Susan Callahan.

Joe Callahan Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Other facts
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Joe Callahan enrolled at Holy Spirit High School in Absecon, New Jersey in 2011, where he played passionately soccer and basketball with his school team from the 2008/2009 season through the 2010/2011 season.

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In his first season, he played 4 games at Wesley College (Delaware), of which he covered 26 yards with 3 degrees in 9 attempts. However, the boy suffered an injury the next season in which he saw no college football action in 2012 before recovering and returning in 2013.

In the 2013 season, Joe Callahan played all 13 league games and scored 3,599 yards with 29 touchdowns from 269 of 461 completed attempts. His performance was even better in 2014, when he threw 4,190 yards, scored 46 touchdowns with 10 interceptions, setting the best record for a Wesley quarterback in that time. Joe beat his previous record in his last season in college with 5,063 yards and 55 touchdowns that took his team to the D-III playoffs. He was the first D-III player to throw 5,000 yards in a single season, and in recognition of his many contributions to his team’s success, Joe Callahan was awarded the Gagliardi Trophy, the equivalent of a Division III Heisman.

In the 2016 NFL Draft, however, the boy with a lot of football juice in him was not selected by any NFL team. Now, as you may know, NFL scouts don’t usually visit Wesley College in Dover, Delaware, to see what talents they have.

Nonetheless, he received an invitation from scout Mike Owen to meet him at Monmouth Pro Day on March 9, 2016 – an opportunity he took since he hadn’t heard of any NFL team/scouts. After the Monmouth players had their Pro Day, Joe had his own impromptu Pro Day ahead of Owen and other scouts who were still around.

Joe Callahan Bio, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Other facts
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Little did he know that his offensive coordinator at Wesley, Chip Knapp, had taped his performance/skills on the field and sent them to the Green Bay Packers who were impressed with the quality/power and style of his throws. The Packers’ scout was also impressed by what he saw and for this reason, he was signed on May 6, 2016, as an undeveloped free-throw player.

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Joe Callahan impressed in the preseason with his new team but was released on October 13 when the New Orleans Saints took him on October 14, only to be released on October 22 when the Cleveland Browns took him two days later but released him on November 28.

The Green Bay Packers retrieved him on December 2, 2016, after which they placed him on active duty on December 17. Joe then spent the next year waiting for an opportunity to play as the team had better players like Aaron Rodgers and Brett Hundley. He saw his first NFL action on December 31, 2017, in a game in which he scored 5 of 7 passes from 11 yards.

However, the Packers gave him up again on April 30, 2018, just in time for the Philadelphia Eagles to sign him for a two-year contract on May 7, 2018. We hope to make up for his career in the NFL as he works hard to find time on the field.

Joe Callahan Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Joe Callahan towers above many others at 6 feet  (1.85 m), weighing 98 kg (216 lb). His height and weight are just good enough for him to perform his duties on the field against any team against which he is fielded.

Callahan’s other body measurements, such as his arm/biceps size, chest, and waist, have not yet been disclosed. When we receive them, we will surely inform you.

Other Facts About Him

  • His High School Absecon (NJ) Holy Spirit, is a Roman Catholic preparatory school.
  • Since the beginning of his professional career, he has only participated in one NFL game.
  • Callahan’s new contract is worth $1,350,000 with an average base salary of $630,000 and $720,000 in 2018 and 2019, respectively.
  • For now, we don’t know if he was married and has a wife, but it was mentioned that he has a girlfriend who traveled with his family members from Absecon, New Jersey, to Canton, Ohio, to watch him play in a pre-season game for the Packers. However, he did not play the game due to the poor field conditions.
  • Similarly, Joe is said not to have had an affair with a lady, let’s just say that the young man devotes all his time to his career, which is still in his cradle.