Johnathan Hillstrand Bio, Age, Married, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth

Johnathan Hillstrand Bio, Age, Married, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth

The second season of the Discovery Channel documentary series Deadliest Catch introduced fans to the FV Time Bandit and his crew of six, including captains and brothers Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand – some of the most beautiful and interesting faces the show has to offer.

From that point on, we came to see more of Johnathan, a third-generation licensed fisherman who brings fun to the show while being a real captain. He is the younger brother of Andy Hillstrand, a star on Deadliest Catch.

Johnathan Hillstrand – Bio, Age

It was in Homer, Arkansas, where Johnathan Hillstrand was born on August 5, 1962, the son of a father who was also a fisherman and raised by a father who was also a fisherman. Since it is something that was almost always in the family, Johnathan kept up the “tradition” of the family by sticking to fishing since his childhood. He was brought up as the second oldest child in a family of five.

Johnathan Hillstrand – Bio, Age, Married, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth
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When he was only three years old, he had already started sailing on merchant ships with his father and brothers, and so he got used to fishing at a very early age. Thanks to this habit he became a fisherman at the tender age of 7 years.

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Although he went to school, he decided not to go beyond high school, and as soon as he finished, instead of going to college, he settled down as a full-time fisherman, fishing everything from crabs to lobster off the coast of New England.

His mother is Nancy Hillstrand, and her life, like her husband’s, revolves around the water world. She is an activist for wild fish. His father, John Hillstrand, is, as I said, a fisherman.

Johnathan Hillstrand has been popular since the second season of “Deadliest Catch” and has performed in all seasons alongside his brother on their ship “Time Bandit”. His family is known for fishing but is also involved in many other businesses such as Time Bandit Entertainment. The family also owns the companies Time Bandit Fireworks and Time Bandit Spirits, among others.

He also joined Andy Hillstrand and Malcolm MacPherson to write and publish the book Time Bandit: Two Brothers, the Bering Sea, and One of the World’s Deadliest Jobs, which is a biographical work by Andy Hillstrand and Johnathan Hillstrand. The book was first published in 2008.

Married, Wife, And Daughter

Johnathan Hillstrand – Bio, Age, Married, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth
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Johnathan Hillstrand is a married man who has twice walked the walk to the altar in the past. There is no information about his first marriage, as he led a rather private life. The union was long before he achieved fame and wealth, and it produced two sons.

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The second woman who became his wife is Heather Hamilton. The two were together for quite some time before they decided to enter into the bond of marriage. It is reported that they first met in church before they started dating, and after a long time they were married in 2017.

Although many questions have been asked about his daughter, there is nothing publicly known about a female child, since only his son Scott is known, who also appeared on the television show with his father and uncles.

Net Worth

In terms of assets, Johnathan Hillstrand has a net worth estimated at $2.2 million. He has such good fortune from his life on the waters as fisherman and co-captain of the Time Bandit Vessel, which he owns with his brothers. He has also made good profits from his appearance on the reality show “Deadliest Catch”.

In 2017, a tragedy occurred when a member of his crew lost his right hand and forearm while working on the ship (Time Bandit) after a firecracker exploded in the launching device he was operating. Because of the tragedy that ended his fishing career, he sued Johnathan and his brother, who later had to pay him $1.4 million.

His loss would have been even worse as he was sued by the Discovery Channel for a massive $3 million. This was the result of a shooting conflict caused by a misunderstanding between the brothers.