Jordan Buhat Age, Girlfriend & Parents and Family Facts

Jordan Buhat Age, Girlfriend & Parents and Family Facts

Hollywood maintains its lead over other entertainment industries around the world by continually introducing talented actors and actresses to the entertainment industry, adding to a well-established list of talented actors. And with the expansion of the industry’s television corner, there has been a plethora of shows for young actors and actresses to express their talent, such as Grown-ish, starring Jordan Buhat, a Canadian actor of Filipino origin.

Jordan Buhat debuted on the big screen in 2018 in the movie Summer 84, but it is his appearance in Grown-ish that put him at the center of entertainment and could be the beginning of a long and successful career in the industry.

Find out about his background, his career to date, and other interesting facts about him.

Jordan Buhat Biography & Age

Jordan Buhat was born on 1 December 1992 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, where he fell in love with the activities of his community, such as the Fringe Festival, considered the second largest in the world, and his hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers.

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As he grew up, his interest and desire to become an actor was awakened after seeing the popular Disney High School Musical, but his pursuit of this art did not begin until he graduated from the University of Alberta.

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His first foray into the world of entertainment came in 2013 when he auditioned for Big Brother Canada. Although he never got the chance to be part of the show, Jordan Buhat never gave up his interest in acting and finally got the chance to live his dream when he was cast as a nameless character in the movie 84 in the summer of 2018.

In the same year, he starred as Jock in the TV movie Blurt and had his first appearance in a full-length film as a named character. After his first two appearances came to his biggest role so far and his career breakthrough through the series “Grown-ish”.

He was cast for the role of Vivek Shah in the series and has appeared in every single episode of the series since his debut in January 2018. His character in the series is described as someone who has an endearing lack of self-confidence, and he was able to play the character with enough precision to become one of the favorite characters in the ensemble comedy.

The show “Grown-ish” is a derivative of the popular ABC show “Black-ish”, which features fellow actors such as Yara Shahidi, who is the main character of the show, and others such as Francia Raisa, Trevor Jackson, and Deon Cole. Outside of his acting responsibilities, Jordan Buhat pursues some of his hobbies and extracurricular activities, including gym training and reading.

Before becoming a “Grown-ish star” he worked as a summer camp counselor for children. He is also a quite active social medium, especially on Instagram, where he posts on @jordanbuhat and has over 66 thousand followers.

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Jordan Buhat Girlfriend

As for details about his personal life, not much is known about Jordan Buhat. Until now, he believed he was in a relationship with a woman named Veronica, as an Instagram post revealed in February 2018 during Valentine’s Day.

As the post also revealed, the couple had an intimate dinner, and there have been no reports of a breakup since then.

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As he grows into his status as an actor and becomes a star, more background information about Jordan Buhat may be revealed, but so far the actor has kept his parents’ identity secret, though he is not afraid to share images of himself with his parents or thank them for their support in pursuing his acting career.

Jordan Buhat Family Facts

Despite the lack of a name identity about his immediate family, we have a few facts about Jordan’s family

His mother was a soccer player, while his father is a bodybuilding champion.

His father is Filipino, while his mother is Welsh.

We have the names of his maternal grandparents, and they are – David J. Eacott and Suzanne K. Mansell.

He has a younger brother named Elijah who was born in 2004.