Josh Latin Bio, Family & Facts About Rose McGowan’s Ex
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Josh Latin is mentioned by many nicknames, but this has done nothing to hide his talent, which shows in every project he has worked on as a producer; he is also a singer and songwriter. In his career as a producer, Latin has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest acts in the music industry and he has even produced the soundtracks for some films. To learn more about Josh Latin’s rise in the music industry, read on.

Josh Latin Bio

This producer was born in 1998 in Jordan Asher Cruz, his birthplace is Broward, Florida. Asher Cruz is known as Josh Latin and Boots.

His decision to enter the music industry was made as a teenager, which led him to drop out of high school. Cruz started his music career with some local bands in the area. He played with Stonefox, Young Circles, and Blond Fuzz.

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Cruz’s next step in his career was to form the band Blonds, and in 2012 their debut album The Bad Ones became a hit with their fans. But the following year, the band split up and Josh Latin was homeless. This homeless period of his life lasted about a year, during which he lived in his car until he had the big breakthrough that opened the doors for him.

This big breakthrough was the signing of contracts with Jay-z’s own record label Roc Nation. At the end of that year (2013), Beyoncé released their album of the same name, and it surprised a number of fans that a producer/songwriter named Boots was featured on more than half of the album’s songs. This triggered a desperate search for him and it was discovered that Jordan Asher Cruz was his real name.

Cruz stated that he was discovered by the Carter by accident; when someone had played something he had produced to one of them. This led to his signing with the record company. For the 2015 film Fifty Shades of Grey, he produced the remix version of Beyoncé’s song Crazy in Love, which was featured in the film’s trailer. His portfolio as a producer also includes songs produced for Autolux and FKA Twigs, none of which have been released yet. Some of the other artists he has worked with are Run the Jewels, Vic Mensa, Kelela, and Phantogram.

Josh Latin Bio, Family & Facts About Rose McGowan’s Ex
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In 2015 Josh Latin released his debut album Aquaria, an eleven-track album. Despite his enthusiastic reviews, it cannot be compared to his EP “Motorcycle Jesus”, which was released in early 2015. In the same month that he released the EP, he was invited to The Jimmy Fallon Show, and the performance of one of the songs on the EP was well received by the audience.

Josh Latin has had a music career of almost ten years, and although he had a slow start, he has definitely made up for a lost time, and his sound is easy to identify; this is one of the reasons why he is as big as he is today.

Josh Latin Net Worth

Working with Jay-Z, and the fact that she is a writer and producer who makes up a large part of Beyoncé’s album, is a surefire way to earn some income, and this relatively young producer in the industry is said to have a net worth of $14.6 million. For a man who was homeless for a while, this is proof that he has indeed come a long way.

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Josh Latin’s Family

Being mysterious and ambiguous is one of the many elements of Josh Latin’s art, and he has extended this ambiguity to his personal life. As a result, there is no information about his family, as he has chosen not to talk about his background and such things.

Facts about Rose McGowan’s Ex

1. Josh Latin is not like many other stars, he has refused to create any social media accounts

2. At some point in 2016, the public became aware that Cruz was dating actress Rose McGowan, but the two split up in 2018.

3. He became known as Boots because he often saw shoes given to him by a member of the bands he used to work with.