Joss Fong Age, Height & Net Worth of the Journalist

Joss Fong Age, Height & Net Worth of the Journalist

As the world evolves, so do its moving parts, one of which is journalism. As the world moves from analog to digital products and services, journalism has also moved beyond paper into digital journalism, where Vox is one of the leading names in online journalism. The digital news site has Joss Fong, an American journalist who has worked her way up to Senior Editorial Producer at the news company, on its roster.

Although her time as a professional journalist is very limited compared to some others in this field, Joss Fong’s excellence and the quality of her stories have quickly made her one of the modern stars in her field.

Joss Fong Biography and Age

The Senior Editorial Producer at Vox media was born in New York on 22 May 1988. As for her background, little is known about her except that she was born of at least one Asian parent. Her Instagram page suggests that she has a sibling, a sister named Linds Fong, but like all other background information about her family, very little is known about her.

While we have no personal information about her journey from childhood to adulthood, we do know that she completed her education at New York University and received a bachelor’s degree after completing the University of Science, Health and Environment’s reporting program.

Joss Fong – Age, Height & Net Worth of the Journalist
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With a strong academic background, Joss Fong set out to begin her career as a journalist. The timing of her career is not currently known, but it is believed that after a brief internship program at an unfamiliar media company, she worked for Media Matters for America as an energy editor before joining Vox, where she currently holds a position as executive editor in chief.

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She joined Vox in June 2014 and has been responsible for the production of several educational videos and news content for the media company. One of these is False Positive, a short documentary she produced and is recognized for producing.

Another is one of the news media series, Explained, which she also wrote and produced. Joss Fong’s writing activities also include four episodes of Vox Borders, a documentary about border issues around the world, covering the United States, North Korea, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

While Joss Fong tends to work behind the scenes, she has been cast in striking roles as narrator for two productions of Vox, False Positive and Explained. Other notable productions by Joss Fong include Explained Episodes – The NFL’s Virtual Fist-Down Line, Explained; Does The USA Need a New National Anthem, Mercury Retrograde, Explained Without Astrology, Why Some Asian Accents Swap Ls and Rs In English, How Climate Change makes Hurricanes and Floods Worse, The Fight to make Bad Jobs Better and several others.

What is Joss Fong’s Net Worth?

In the short time that Joss Fong has been working as a professional journalist, she has worked her way up to one of the most important and financially rewarding roles in digital journalism, but unfortunately, we cannot determine her exact net worth, although it is estimated to be well into the six-figure range.

Personal Life of The Journalist

Joss Fong has spent enough time as a public figure and earned the goodwill of her fans, enough to make them wonder about her relationship status. Although she doesn’t hesitate to tell parts of her life through her Instagram page @jossfong, the question of whether Joss Fong is in a relationship has yet to be answered concretely.

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Although she is at the end of a rumored relationship with her coworker Dion Lee, a woman, Joss Fong’s private life remains a secret, which hopefully will be solved in the near future.

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Height and Other Facts About Joss Fong

  • Pet

While a human partner may be unknown, Joss Fong has an animal partner in the form of a cat named Karl.

  • Height and Weight

Joss Fong is a beautiful woman, who looks dashingly beautiful in her role as an editorial producer. She has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and a bodyweight of 60 kg.

  • Other Body Measurements

She also has body measurements of 33, 27 and 30 inches for her chest, waist, and hips.

  • Body Features

As a woman of Asian origin, she has black eyes and black hair.