Karen Ip (Fruitypoppin) Bio, Facts & Boyfriend of The Instagram Star

Karen Ip (Fruitypoppin) – Bio, Facts & Boyfriend of The Instagram Star

With a little help from social media platforms, celebrities are no longer a bunch of people hand-picked by casting directors and Hollywood producers. With platforms that allow everyone, regardless of their background, to express themselves, many ordinary people have become Internet stars. One of them is Karen Ip, who is best known by her digital name Fruitypoppin.

Karen Ip found her star through Instagram and has used her popularity on the platform to shine on other social media platforms like YouTube. Her fame borders on her make-up videos, beauty tutorials, and other interesting content that has captured the hearts of millions. Here you will find everything you need to know about them.

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Who is Karen Ip (Fruitypoppin) and How Old is She?

Karen Ip was born on August 10, 2000, in Hong Kong, China, as the child of her parents who eventually moved to the West to Canada and raised their daughter in Toronto. Although her parents appear in many of her pictures and videos, not much is known about her parental background.

Karen Ip (Fruitypoppin) Bio, Facts & Boyfriend of The Instagram Star
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When she was in high school, she began posting pictures of herself and documenting events in her life on social media, particularly on Instagram. The uniqueness and cunning of her videos soon began to attract thousands of fans who wanted to be part of her experience. In June 2018, she graduated from high school, and for every indication, she plans to attend college where she wants to expand her audience by sharing the college experience through her eyes. It would be the continuation of a journey that took on a life of its own on Instagram when a video of her answering her mother in Cantonese became viral in August 2017. Since then, similarly fascinating videos on the @fruitypoppin account have helped her to over 1.3 million followers on the social media platform.

Due to Instagram’s limitations, especially with videos, Karen has expanded her social media presence on YouTube through the FruityPoppin channel, where she posts make-up videos, fun videos about her Asian culture, and question and answer sessions. Her style has been an effective tool to grow her account and she has been able to expand her YouTube channel, which she has been running since 2017, to over 700,000 subscribers, with several of her videos getting over a million views each. Some of Karen Ip’s most popular videos include Wait You’re Not 12? / Q&A, Sweet Dewy Sugar, No Honor Roll, No Spring Roll, and several others.

Meet Her Boyfriend

When it comes to her personal life, there are a lot of facts that have been shrouded in mystery by Karen Ip. So far, the Instagram star, whom many men and women would like to call their romantic partner, has kept details about her relationship status out of the media, so that the belief in her single status is widespread.

Whether Fruitypoppin is single or in a relationship remains unknown. For now, fans and curious people must hold their breath and wait for the Instagram star to share the details when she is ready.

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Other facts about Karen Ip (Fruitypoppin)

1. Karen Ip, also known as Fruitypoppin, is still young, but she has already made a decent amount of money through her internet fame. Through advertising revenues on YouTube and Instagram, Karen is said to have accumulated an estimated net worth of 300 thousand dollars.

2. One of the driving factors of Karen Ip’s fame is her beauty and all this in a body profile of 5 feet 4 inches high, together with a dainty weight of 48kg. In addition, she has features like brown hair and dark brown eyes.

3. Fruitypoppin’s first photo on Instagram was published in October 2015. It was a selfie and it was titled ‘The importance of importance’ while her first YouTube video was posted in September 2017. It was entitled, Sweet Dewy Sugar.

Karen Ip (Fruitypoppin) Bio, Facts & Boyfriend of The Instagram Star
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4. Karen is also a staff member and has worked with other famous Instagram stars such as lolannaxo.

5 Her father, whose name is unknown, is also an avid Instagram user and has his own private account @Papapoppin, where he has over 100 thousand followers.

6. Her viral Instagram video, which transported her to an empire of fame, was taken over by the famous Canadian rapper Drake.

7. Fruitypoppin’s original name on Instagram was Baby Kae and was renamed Fruitypoppin after she began to become popular.