Kasia Ostlun Bio & Facts About Jeffrey Tambor’s Wife

Kasia Ostlun Bio & Facts About Jeffrey Tambor’s Wife

The name Kasia Ostlun is not very common, and the bearer of this name had her time in the spotlight but decided to retire from fame for the sake of her family. Ostlun had a career as an actress in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but when she had children, all that changed. Below you will find her biography with all worth knowing facts about the former actress.

Who is Kasia Ostlun and How Old is She?

When people live in relationships where one half of the union has more social capital than the other half or is significantly more popular, the lesser-known person in that relationship tends to be less noticed by the public and is only considered in terms of his or her relationship with the other person. This applies to the life of Kasia Ostlun.

Ostlun was born sometime in 1965, the actress has not disclosed the exact date of birth. The same applies to her place of birth and her immediate family, about whom she has not said anything. Another aspect of her life that is not known is her educational background; these are among the many aspects of her life that are not known to the public.

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It is known, however, that Kasia began her work in 1998. She played her first role in the television show Oh Baby in Mandalay. She had a very small role, but that was enough to introduce her to the acting industry. Her next experience as a professional actress came three years after her first role, in the 2001 film Never Again, in which she played a college girl. In the same year, Ostlun was cast for the romantic comedy Get Well Soon Soon. The film describes the adventures of two lovers who have to fight against all the adversities of their relationship in order to function. Just like the other two roles she had, her role in this film was a small one.

In 1997, Kasia’s life changed when she met Jeffery Tambor. The two married in 2001, four years after they met. Jeffery Tambor is an actor known for playing the patriarch of the Bluth family, George Bluth and his twin brother Oscar Bluth, in the series “Arrested Development”. His performance as Maura Pfefferman in Transparent also earned him a number of awards..

Kasia Ostlun Bio & Facts About Jeffrey Tambor’s Wife
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2017 was the year in which the MeToo movement gained traction and sparked a riot in the entertainment world, with women challenging men who had sexually abused or attacked them in the past, especially in the workplace. Jeffery Tambor was one of the men accused of sexual misconduct and verbal harassment. This accusation of sexual misconduct was made against him by an assistant he had worked with in the past, while the accusation of verbal abuse was made by one of his co-stars at Arrested Development. The initial allegations led to his being fired from Transparent. During this time his wife stood by him and fully supported her husband.

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Meet Her Kids

Kasia has four children with Jeffery Tambor. Their first child, Gabriel, was born on December 10, 2004, three years after the couple married. Their next child is a daughter, Eve Julia, who was born in 2006. In October 2009 she welcomed twin boys into the world; their names are Hugo Bernard and Eli Nicholas. She also has a stepdaughter from her husband’s first marriage, Molly, who is a lecturer.

Facts about Jeffrey Tambor’s Wife

1. The timeline of Kasia Ostlun’s acting career can be adapted to the encounter with Jeffery Tambor in a jazz club In all her work as an actress she has played twice at her husband’s side. First in Never Again and then in getting Well Soon.

2. Before Kasia met Ostlun Tambor, he was married twice. She is the third woman Jeffrey Tambor marries. His first wife is a woman named Dora Zbierlund, and they were married for eleven years from 1981 to 1991. Katie Mitchell was the second woman he married, and their marriage lasted only one year. They were divorced in 2000 and in 2001 he was already married to Ostlun.