Keralis Biography, Celebrity Facts & Family of The YouTube Gamer

Keralis – Biography, Celebrity Facts & Family of The YouTube Gamer

If it is true that the crowd can’t be wrong, then you need to find out what is so special about the player is known on the Internet as Keralis. With currently over 1.8 million subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel, where he mainly exchanges gameplay videos, the Polish gaming guru has become a household name among video game enthusiasts in recent years. While the gamer cum video game commentator set out and became popular with Minecraft, he has since diversified his content with other game genres and brands, including Tropico 5, Simcity, Snowfall, The Sims 3, Battlefield 4 and many others.

Keralis once shared a server called ‘Hermitcraft’ with other players like Judson Chapman (known as Generikb) and Nathan Adams. But today he has acquired his own server called ‘World of Keralis’. You can see from this that the YouTuber really means something and is still expected to make it to something. So read on to get to know him better and maybe learn some of the secrets of his success.

Keralis Biography

Keralis was born on the last day of April 1980 and in his native Poland and was baptized Arek Roman Lisowski. We do not have many details about his childhood and family background, which includes the names and professions of his parents and siblings, as well as his basic educational history. We do know, however, that he spent some time in Poland and also in Sweden, where his family moved along the line.

Keralis Biography, Celebrity Facts & Family of The YouTube Gamer
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Unfortunately, we do not have much information about Keralis before he came into the limelight, except that he once worked in the logistics department of a freight forwarding company. As for his career as a YouTuber, he already joined the video-sharing platform in 2007, but back then it was just for fun. Back then he had a lot of varied content and gameplay videos were just one of his uploads. However, he showed so much skill with Minecraft that he soon caught the attention of Judson Chapman (the owner of the Hermitcraft server), who invited him to join his network of enthusiastic players in 2013 or something like that.

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Honored with this invitation, Keralis found himself in a whole new world where he discovered how many promises his gaming skills held out as a career opportunity. So what did he do? He began to focus his YouTube content on gameplay videos. With this, and his connection to the Hermitcraft community, Keralis began to attract a huge subscriber base, mostly made up of people who were attracted to him by his Minecraft skills.

Family of the Keralis

As already indicated, details of Keralis’ birth family have so far been a mystery to the media, as he has not passed on any information about them. However, there is a rumor that his parents had a different plan for him and thus did not support his YouTube career, as they probably cannot identify with it.

When we get to his own family, we know that the gaming guru is married and has two children (sons). We don’t have his wife’s real name, but they are obviously madly in love, as Kera often identifies them with the affectionate name ‘wifey’ in some episodes when they appeared together on the players’ YouTube videos.

Keralis Biography, Celebrity Facts & Family of The YouTube Gamer
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By profession, we don’t know exactly what Keralis’ ‘wife’ does for a living, although she obviously shares an interest in gaming with her husband. We know this because she has her own Hermitcraft account called ‘Mrs_Keralis’, which she rarely uses. Anyway, we believe that they are a happy family.

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Other famous facts about Keralis

Constellation sign

According to his date of birth, Keralis is a Taurus. Therefore he is expected to be very determined and also very loving. Is this the reason why he was able to achieve so much while also loving his wife so much? It is possible.

Social media presence

In addition to his aforementioned presence and activities on YouTube, Keralis is also active on Instagram and Twitter. He currently has over 81,000 followers on his Twitter account with the handle @WorldofKeralis. Then he has over 33,000 followers on his Instagram account @iamkeralis.

Other online presence

Besides social media, the gamer can also be reached via other online channels. For example, he has his own website at He also maintains a game store at

Physical location

Keralis lives happily with his family in a chic house in the municipality of Ystad in the southern Swedish county of Skåne. If he has an office address, we don’t know it yet.