Kiki And Mika Camarena Tragic Love Story In Narcos: Mexico

A Close Look At Kiki And Mika Camarena’s Tragic Love Story In Narcos: Mexico

Among the many stories Narcos: Mexico told, It also described the true suffering of Kiki and Mika Camarena in Mexico when the country was the dreaded center of drug trafficking. Joining as a law enforcement officer to fight crime must have seemed like one of the usual police expeditions to DEA agent Kiki Camarena. He hardly knew that it would not be as easy to track down and apprehend Mexican drug lord Felix Gallardo as he had expected.

Narcos: Mexico is an offshoot of the larger series Narcos, which focused on the origins of the bloody Colombian drug war and listed the events that took place in the scramble to capture Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and his drug cartel. While the superordinate series focuses on Colombian events, Narcos concentrates: Mexico takes us back to the roots of the drug war, when Mexico was the center of the drug trade by unscrupulous and lawless dealers.

The move from Colombia to Mexico was not the only major difference in the series; a new occupation was also employed to bring to life the events of Mexico’s criminal past. The leading roles were Diego Luna as Felix Gallardo and Micheal Pena as Kiki Camarena, the main characters of the series. Felix Gallardo was a drug lord, also known as El Padroni, who built and equipped his drug empire in Mexico, while Kiki Camarena, a DEA agent, struggles to nail him. The fight would probably have been easier if Kiki had been alone, but he had moved to Mexico with his pregnant wife Mika, and son.

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A Close Look At Kiki And Mika Camarena’s Tragic Love Story In Narcos: Mexico
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A Close Look at Kiki and Mika Camarena’s Tragic Love Story In Narcos: Mexico

It was a peaceful and quiet life in California for Kiki and Mika Camarena and their son. As a DEA agent, Kiki and his wife, who were very supportive of him, already knew what he was getting into and expected all the difficulties that came with being a law enforcement agent. But it didn’t take long before it dawned on Mika that she had to move to Guadalajara, Mexico with her loving husband and child.

As a loving and supportive wife, she accompanied her husband; she hardly knew that the worst days of her life were ahead. Tracking down Felix Gallardo and his cartel was a dangerous path that Kiki Camarena decided to take without hesitation. Mika, who knew that her husband was in danger, was always looking for signs. She even went so far as to tell Kiki’s boss Jaime (played by Matt Letscher) about her plan B with her husband in case he (Kiki) was captured.

Kiki Camarena, for her part, did everything in her power to make Mika worry less about his safety. He told her nothing when he was in trouble and sometimes told her little about his efforts. Mika Camarena’s fear was unfortunately realized on the fateful day her husband was killed. She was made a widow by a young woman who was married to a strong, lively man and left alone with her two sons.

For Mika, it seemed as if the world had ended for her after the death of Kiki Camarena, but she had to be strong for her children. Narcos: Mexico ended with the proposal to continue the show. It is not certain, but of course, the audience would have to watch Mika Camarena and her sons living without their father and husband.

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Kiki and Mika Camarena in Reality

A Close Look At Kiki And Mika Camarena’s Tragic Love Story In Narcos: Mexico
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In reality, Kiki Camarena died in 1985, having been abducted by unidentified men in February 1985 while he was on his way to his wife Mika for lunch.

The men in question were working under the orders of the big wigs of the Guadalajara cartel. Kiki Camarena was missing and nobody knew what had happened at that time. A month after he was declared missing, he was found dead in Michoacan, Mexico. His body was found along with that of pilot Alfredo Zavala.

The DEA search was intensified after the bodies of the deceased were found. The agency had initiated a murder investigation into his death after finding traces of torture on the bodies.

After the death of her husband Kiki, Mika Camarena, in real life, Mika Camarena, moved back to California with her sons. At that time the United States was ruled by President Ronald Reagan. In that year, a campaign called “Red Ribbon Week” was launched, still held every October in honor of the late DEA agent. Today, “Red Ribbon Week” has become one of the largest drug prevention education campaigns.