Kristen Buckingham Bio, Family & Facts About Lindsey Buckingham’s Wife

Kristen Buckingham Bio, Family & Facts About Lindsey Buckingham’s Wife

With the exception of a few personalities, photographers are not exactly known to the general public as popular names. Their names are usually only known to professional partners in show business. One of the names that defies this trait is Kristen Messer or Kristen Buckingham, as she is usually known, and she receives significant support through her marriage to Lindsey Buckingham, one of the guitarists of the rock group Fleetwood Mac.

Kristen Buckingham has been married to the guitarist for over nineteen years, and they are blessed not only with a happy life of companionship and love but also with children.

A photographer herself, Kristen Buckingham is a successful woman and has a portfolio that would leave several mouths open. In the following, we report a lot about Kristen Buckingham and her relationship with the Fleetwood Mac guitarist. Read on to learn more.

Kristen Buckingham Biography

Kristen Buckingham was born on 28 February 1970 as Kristen Messner, the daughter of parents whose identity is unknown. She was born in Los Angeles, and her mother is said to have been a model through whom she was introduced to show business.

Kristen Buckingham Bio, Family & Facts About Lindsey Buckingham’s Wife
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She grew up in a middle-class family where she went through the various stages of development with relative comfort, from high school to college. Kristen grew up with the desire to become a photographer and she dedicated her adult life to learning the craft, including attending photography courses in Los Angeles.

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After completing her education, Kristen Buckingham began her professional career as a photographer and has had many successes.

Photographers are often known for working with model agencies, and Kristen Buckingham has worked with several model companies in the United States. She has also expanded her portfolio into interior design, where she owns and manages a design company, La Cienega Design Center, based in Los Angeles.

As an interior designer, her work and she herself have influenced a number of magazines such as Elle Décor, Traditional Home, and several others.

Kristen Buckingham’s career also includes owning a furniture and lighting design fund, KB Bespoke, and she also has a blog, Chrush, where she shares her thoughts on design, ideas ranging from her personal opinions on social issues to her creative designs.

Her husband, Lindsey Buckingham, on the other hand, is known for his work with the band Fleetwood Mac, of which he has been a member since 1975. He has also had an extensive solo career, during which he has released over ten albums and several singles.


The core family of Kristen Buckingham began with Lindsey Buckingham. We don’t know exactly how they met, but after Lindsey was known to have ended his relationship with Stevie Nicks, Kristen and Lindsey began their relationship.

Kristen Buckingham Bio, Family & Facts About Lindsey Buckingham’s Wife
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The path to courtship was not easy for the couple, especially since Kristen was afraid of a rock star, but finally, she took the plunge and after a long time of being together, they got married in 2000 in the presence of friends and family.

Their marriage produced two children, two daughters, Leelee and Stella, who were born in 2000 and 2004. Their first child, William, was born before they married in 1998.

Since Kristen Buckingham and her husband became one, they have remained one. They live in their home in Los Angeles, California.

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Other Facts About Kristen Buckingham – Lindsey Buckingham’s Wife

Kristen Buckingham is a beautiful woman who is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a bodyweight of 60 kg. Her body shape defines the measurements 34, 26, and 35 inches for her chest, waist, and hips. She also has hazel eyes and blond hair.

Her husband, Lindsey Buckingham, underwent open-heart surgery in February 2019. The operation was performed due to complaints of severe chest pain from the guitarist. It was a successful operation and he has made repeated recoveries since.

Kristen Buckingham’s husband was portrayed live on Saturday night by comedian Bill Hader.

Kristen, whose career as a photographer and designer has taken decades, is estimated to have grown by a few million over the course of her career, unfortunately, the details are not known. Her husband, Lindsey, on the other hand, has a known net worth of $80 million, earned through album sales and concert tours.