Laineybot – Biography & Celebrity Facts About The YouTube Personality

In recent years, YouTube has become one of the most used platforms for young and old to express themselves in ways they could not before. Through this self-expression, many have become popular and remarkable personalities on the Internet, while some have extended their popularity into the real world. One person who has gained popularity in both neighborhoods is Kai Jackson, popularly known as Laineybot.

As YouTuber, she often shows collaborations in her videos, which feature herself and her husband Onision, who is also a famous YouTuber. In addition to her collaborative work, she also publishes beauty videos that include make-up tutorials and various how-to videos.

Laineybot Biography

Kai Jackson, known to the rest of the world as Laineybot, identifies himself as a non-binary person and calls himself “her”.

Laineybot was born on October 16, 1994, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Not much is known about her background, especially her family background, but it is known that She has a sister named Lauren. The lack of background information about Laineybot and her unwillingness to share is part of her personality and her character as inactive and emo, which has also determined the perspective of her YouTube channels Laineybot and Beautybot.

Laineybot Biography & Celebrity Facts About The YouTube Personality
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Her first channel, Laineybot, through which She achieved fame, was launched in February 2015. She launched the channel with the help of her YouTuber colleague Onision. The first video on the channel, Girlfriend Boyfriend Tag, was a joint vlog video with Onision and was well received with several thousand views.

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At the beginning of their YouTube channel, Laineybot, who was a shy person and lacked the confidence to be in front of the camera, working with her husband Onision to cultivate a fan base for the channel, developing confidence and charisma to run the channel on their own.

Over time, Laineybot eventually took control of her channel’s direction and has dealt with various content styles such as vlogs and challenges. She still works with her husband who occasionally appears on their channel.

She decided to explore other content styles and created another channel, Beautybot. The channel, as the name suggests, focuses on makeup and beauty. She developed the channel together with her Laineybot channel and uploaded a variety of beauty-related videos, including hair and make-up tutorials and various how-to videos. Beautybot has grown to over 30 thousand subscribers since its inception, while the main channel Laineybot has over 320 thousand subscribers.

Besides the YouTube channels, Laineybot is also an active Twitter and Instagram user, where together they have over 300 thousand followers on both platforms.

The Relationship Between Laineybot And Onision

One of the factors that have cemented Kai Jackson aka Laineybot as a YouTube star is her marriage to Gregory Jackson aka Onision. The couple married in 2012 and have remained married ever since. Since their marriage, Laineybot and her husband have born and raised two children, whose identities they have managed to keep out of the social media and press in general. All the evidence suggests that Laineybot and Onision have a loving and caring relationship, especially their shared videos on their respective YouTube channels.

Laineybot Biography & Celebrity Facts About The YouTube Personality
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Before meeting Laineybot, Onision was married to Skye Tantaga between 2005 and 2011. He was also known for having a relationship with Adrienne Jorgenson and Shiloh Hoganson

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Facts About The YouTube Personality

They were formerly known as Taylor Anderson, but they decided to change their name to Kai Elaine Avarice. Aside from her real name, her popular nickname is Lainey.

Some of the most popular videos of Laineybot are Husband Cuts My Hair, Turning My Husband Into A Girl (Gender Switch 20), Never Have I Ever (Husband Edition).

Although her husband Onision is best known for his work on YouTube, he has also served in the U.S. Air Force.

Her net worth is still unknown, although her YouTube channel Laineybot probably generates an average of $19,000 in advertising revenue per year. Her husband, on the other hand, who probably earns up to $36,000 per year in advertising revenue, has a net worth of $2.3 million.

Before YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, Laineybot was known as TaylorXTrauma on Myspace.