Leafyishere Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Is He Dead, What Happened To Him?

Leafyishere Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Is He Dead, What Happened To Him?

Growing up in a troubled home with addicted parents can turn a person into an individual or get married. Leafyishere did not allow the unhappy condition he had to live with as a child to have a negative effect on him. Instead, he found comfort on YouTube, where he lets his emotions out through his videos of games and comments.

His innovative content has since attracted many people to his channel. The YouTube star, video gamer, and occasional twitch streamer has more than four million subscribers on the video-sharing platform. Learn more about the Internet star below.

Leafyishere Bio (Age)

The YouTube prodigy was born on August 18, 1995, in Layton Utah as the son of Marvin Vail (father) and Regina Lee (mother), who named him Calvin Vail. His family also includes two siblings, but their identities are not disclosed.

The upbringing was not a rosy one for Leafyishere, as his parents struggled with drug abuse and his father attempted suicide at some point. Against all odds, he created an alternative personality online to escape his real-life worries. His content, which ranges from publishing gameplay videos to sharing his views on life and social values and politics, is considered unusual, and fans love him for it.

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Leafyishere Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Is He Dead, What Happened To Him?
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His videos and commentaries exude an aura of ingenuity and originality that sets him apart from the rest. The videos are popular because they are new, full of fascinating facts, and touch different areas of life. Leafyishere also knows how to address his personal issues and concerns, appealing to youth culture as well as the diverse cyberculture he belongs to. No wonder his subscriber base is growing day by day and is quickly approaching five million.

Leafy’s fans are also fascinated by his initial claims to be a reptilian. The whole drama began as a joke in which he calls his fans Reptilians, while they pretend he is actually a reptile, but the joke somehow wouldn’t go away. Even after he published a video to show that he is not a reptile, the fans put the brakes on the joke, but it still remains an online petition to help him embrace his supposed reptilian heritage.

Leafyishere Net Worth

It has become a known fact that the Internet is the new gold and Internet personalities are tapping out of the mine with every second that passes. A successful career as YouTuber depends on how many subscribers and hits a station has. This means that Leafyishere has everything it needs to make a lot of money on the platform as it has nearly five million fans.

The YouTube personality has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand, a collection of his earnings on YouTube, and as a comedian. His income is boosted by his millions of fans who flood his channel for more of his videos despite the controversy that follows him. He has conveniently turned his unhappiness from childhood into happiness, and all signs point to his wealth increasing in the future.

Who Is His Girlfriend?

After a thorough investigation of his private life, it’s obvious that Leafyishere has completely reserved all his passion for social media activities, and it’s safe to assume that he doesn’t have time to commit to a relationship. In 2016 there was a widespread rumor that he refused to go out with a certain girl who liked him in order not to lose his female fans.

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Is He Dead, What Happened To Him?

Leafyishere has often been caught in the crossfire of online controversy. Once he was challenged for harassing a YouTuber colleague (TommyNC2010) with autism, among other things. As a result, he is under constant fire and has been severely criticized by Internet users. This was probably the reason why he literally disappeared from the internet, but when fans didn’t see him online for a while, speculation about his possible death increased.

While many believe he is no longer there, there is no confirmation that the YouTuber is dead. Meanwhile, hardly anyone can say what he is up to these days, as he has kept a low profile. Besides, he is not one to flaunt his private life on social networks, so for now we have to believe that he is not dead. Maybe he is busy traveling the beautiful cities of Europe and America, as he always loved to do.