Lia Kim (Kim Hye Rang) – Bio & Facts About The South Korean Choreographer

As long as the story goes, dance is an integral part of the music, like peanut butter and jelly, songs have popular dance steps to go with them, with one popular example is the dance from Michael Jackson’s iconic song – thriller. To perform these dance styles, coaches are employed on behalf of dance choreographers to fulfill this important mission, one of them is Lia Kim.

She was a child when the thriller madness was at its peak, but since she has grown up, Lia Kim has recorded some of her own achievements in the dance department, such as training some of today’s K-Pop music stars in various dance choreographies, an important aspect of the recent K-Pop dominance. More about her background and career can be found below.

Lia Kim (Kim Hye Rang) – Biography

She was born on July 10, 1987, in Seoul, South Korea, the child of parents who raised her in the famous Asian city. After several years of living on earth, Lia Kim, whose South Korean name is Kim Hye Rang, developed a passion for dance that has remained a part of her ever since.

For her education, she attended Dong-Seoul University after basic training and also graduated from You-Sei University in Hip Hop Dance.

Lia Kim (Kim Hye Rang) Bio & Facts About The South Korean Choreographer
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Her career as a professional dancer began similar to a story from a Hollywood dance movie, as a street dancer, where she participated in various competitions among street dancers. As Lia Kim’s profile and reputation grew, she was noticed by industry insiders who recognized and appreciated her talent.

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Soon she stopped street dancing and became a professional choreographer, with the opportunity to show her talent to the world on a larger stage. She began to participate in various national and international competitions, including a Euro Battle held in Portugal, where she finished second. Lia Kim also took part in the World Dance Competition and the Dosi Hip-Hop Festival.

Soon she started working with entertainment companies such as JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment and was able to start her own dance studio, 1Million Dance Studio. Through the studio, which also has its own YouTube channel with over 11 million subscribers, Lia Kim has continued to grow and has expanded her resume to work as a dance choreographer for a variety of South Korean artists.

Her resume includes Miss A, Wonder Girls, Got7, Melody Day and many others. As a dancer, her dance company has also performed at a number of events such as New York Fashion Week and at a number of Lee Hyo Lee’s concerts.

Besides working with her studio, she also teaches at the Bran Dance Studio and has her own brand, G∆CHI. The brand has worked with fashion companies such as KORELIMITED to produce a dance and streetwear line, KORE X G∆CHI. The line includes joggers, shirts, and jackets.

In addition to their fashion collaboration, Lia Kim also has an online fashion shop called Shop Lia. And in terms of personal recognition, Lia has received several of these, including an award as Choreographer of the Year 2018 at the Gaon Chart Music Awards.

Lia Kim (Kim Hye Rang) Bio & Facts About The South Korean Choreographer
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Family of the South Korean Choreographer

For many people, her family plays a very important role in her success, and in this respect, Lia Kim has had a good one. With the exception of her father, not much is known about the individual lives of the members of her family, only that they have been a rock for her to lean on when she needs it.

Her mother’s name is Kim Geuk-sook and her father Kim Jong-hwan. Her father is also active in the entertainment scene, a singer whose talents earned him the name “Emperor of the Adult Ballard”.

Lia Kim’s father has published his own works, including Reason for Existence and For Love, both of which have received great acclaim not only on airplay but also at awards such as the Golden Disc Awards.

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Other Lesser Known Facts About Lia Kim

Lia Kim is a big fan of animals and her favorite animals are cats and pandas.

When it comes to fashion, Lia Kim loves to dress simply and her favorite ensemble is noble high boots and jeans.

Other Lia Kim favorites are red, her favorite color, as well as fried eggs and shrimps as her favorite food.