Lola Albright Bio, Net Worth, Life Achievements and Cause of Death

Lola Albright – Bio, Net Worth, Life Achievements and Cause of Death

In the records of Hollywood’s most revered and celebrated personalities, there are many names that in one way or another have contributed to making Hollywood the world’s leading entertainment industry. One such name is Lola Albright, a singer, and actress who worked in the industry for 37 years between 1984 and 1947.

Lola Albright was also known as a model throughout her career, while she earned 99 credits in her filmography in both movies and TV shows. After 92 years on Earth, she died in March 2017 with honors from many in the industry for her contributions to the arts.

Lola Albright Biography

Lola Albright was born as Lola Jean Albright in Akron, Ohio as Lola Jean Albright of parents Marion A and John Paul Albright. She grew up among parents who were gospel music singers, which means that her parents were her first contact with show business.

For her education, she attended the Königsgymnasium and the West High School. But before she entered high school, Lola Albright had started singing in public at a young age and began studying piano, which she continued for a total of 20 years.

Lola Albright Bio, Net Worth, Life Achievements and Cause of Death
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Before she began her career in Hollywood at the age of 23, she worked as a receptionist at a local radio station, also worked as a stenographer, and recorded her first radio appearance on WJW. Just before she moved to Hollywood, Lola Albright worked as a model for a photographer.

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After being discovered by a scout during her time as a model, she made her debut in 1947 in a Hollywood movie, The Unfinished Dance, in which she appeared as a nameless character. Her appearances as an unnamed character continued well into 1949 through a series of films before she was later cast as a named character in the film Champion in 1949. The same year she also appeared as Mary Simmons in Body hold.

Her appearance in Champion gave her much-needed attention and she appeared in several other films over the next ten years, including Sierra Passage, Arctic Flight and so on. Lola appeared on her first television show in 1951, the show, Armstrong Circle Theatre.

After her first appearance in a TV series, Lola Albright went on to make several more in the next few decades, making major appearances in shows like The Bob Cummings Show, Burke’s Law, Peyton Place, Branded, and some more. Her most popular appearance was in Peter Gunn, where she appeared in 84 episodes over three years in the role of Edie Hart.

Finally, after a long career with over three decades as a working actress, Lola Albright took time out to pursue her career. Her last film was a television movie, Terraces (1977), in which she played Dorothea Cabe, and her last show was a guest appearance in an episode of Airwolf, as Beatrice Moretti in 1984.

As a singer she appeared in 38 episodes of Peter Gunn and released an album, Lola Wants You, on Columbia Records in 1957. Her second album was Dreamsville, released in 1959.

Lola Albright life Achievement

Considering that many aspire to a career in show business, but very few can make a name for themselves, one could say that a long career in this business, stretching over thirty-seven years, is their greatest achievement.

Lola Albright Bio, Net Worth, Life Achievements and Cause of Death
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In addition to her appearances in several films and TV shows, Lola Albright was awarded the Silver Berlin Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival as Best Actress for Lord Love a Duck”. For her role in Peter Gunn, she also received a Primetime Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

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What was Her Net Worth?

During her 37 years in the industry, Lola Albright has appeared in various films and TV shows and has modeled for various magazines and brands. While all this undoubtedly brought her a considerable fortune, the exact amount is not known.

The Cause of Death

Before her death, Lola Albright lived quietly away from the media attention after she retired from the world of entertainment. In 2014, she then fell in an unfortunate home accident and broke her spine, causing her health to deteriorate steadily over the years until her death at the age of 92 in her home on March 23, 2017.