Louis Dowler Bio, Family & Facts About Kate Winslet’s Ex-boyfriend

Louis Dowler Bio, Family & Facts About Kate Winslet’s Ex-boyfriend

Louis Dowler is a model that has been active in the industry for years. As a model, he has worked for a number of major brands in the fashion world, where he has gained a considerable reputation as a successful model. However, he is best known as the former romantic partner of two great Hollywood actresses, Jennifer Esposito and especially Kate Winslet.

Louis Dowler is not only a model and former partner of famous women but also a well-known real estate agent who works for the real estate company Compass. If you want to know more about him, you will find everything you need to know about Louis Dowler, his background, and his relationships.

Who is Louis Dowler?

Louis Dowler was born in England on 29 September 1975. He was born into a large family, of whose biological parents little is known. He was well educated from primary school to university, where he studied and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Marketing from the University of Wales.

After completing his education, he began a career as a model and within a short time began modeling for top brands such as Burberry and Tommy Bahama, a sportswear company.

Louis Dowler Bio, Family & Facts About Kate Winslet’s Ex-boyfriend
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Throughout his modeling career, his face and body adorned the pages and covers of several fashion magazines and billboards. As a model, he is under contract with the agency WhyNotModels and Heffner Management.

Apart from his career as a model, Louis Dowler is also an investor who has invested in particular in the bakery business, Jennifer’s Way Bakery. He is also a well-known real estate agent for Compass.

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Family Details

When it comes to family, Louis Dowler has had a few over the years. Starting with his parental family, he has a father named Alexander Dowler and was born into a large family with five children. Not much is known about his siblings, but he grew up with them in Penzance, England, under the watchful eyes of his parents.

Louis Dowler acquired his own family, initially through a relationship with Kate Winslet. He was in a relationship with the Titanic actress for about ten months between 2010 and 2011. The relationship, which began after Winslet’s divorce from her second husband Sam Mendes, looked solid thanks to her various appearances at various events, including fashion and film events.

Unfortunately, their relationship came to an abrupt end after a visit to Richard Branson’s island where Kate Winslet met Ned Rocknroll.

After the bitter end of the relationship where Louis Dowler expressed anger and disappointment about the actress, he met Jennifer Esposito. In a relationship that was seen as a connection through their failed relationships (Jennifer had broken away from the four-month marriage with Bradley Cooper), Louis and Jennifer began a relationship that eventually led to a marriage on November 16, 2014. They became engaged in May 2014.

Louis Dowler Bio, Family & Facts About Kate Winslet’s Ex-boyfriend
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Louis Dowler and Jennifer Esposito were married for two years before they divorced in March 2016. During their marriage, they did not share children, but they did share a bakery business, Jennifer’s Way. The consequences of the failure of the business reportedly led to their divorce.

Since the end of his two high-profile relationships, he has withdrawn both professionally and personally, the only known information about his private life is his engagement to a woman he affectionately calls Bubba.

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Other Facts About Louis Dowler

His investment in Jennifer’s Way, a gluten-free bakery, led him to file a $43 million lawsuit against Jennifer Esposito.

The bakery’s products were served at his wedding to Jennifer Esposito.

Louis Dowler is 1.80 meters tall and has, among other body characteristics, blue eyes and dark brown hair.

He also has a remarkable presence in social media on both Facebook and Instagram. On the former, he has the profile account itslouisD. On Instagram, he shares the same account name.

Louis Dowler has built up an estimated net worth of $10 million during his career. His ex-wife Jennifer Esposito has net assets of $4 million, while Kate Winslet, his former girlfriend, has net worth of $45 million.

His ex-wife Jennifer Esposito has appeared in movies and television shows like The Affair, Blindspot, NCIS, Blue Bloods, She’s Funny That Way, and many others.