Malina Weissman Age, Mother, Parents & Family
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Most child stars never really make it as adults, but not child stars like Malina Weissman, who seems unstoppable. She’s not only a model but also an actress who may soon become a designer if she continues to influence the fashion industry as she currently does.

She is also in power as an activist, fighting for women’s and animal rights. With the fan base she has on social networks, Malina will remain relevant for a very long time. Here are more facts about her life and career.

Malina Weissman Bio and Early Life

Malina Weissman was born on 12 March 2003. She grew up in New York, where she was born. Her ethnic origin is German, her nationality is American. As the daughter of a model, Malina ventured into modeling at the age of 8, her first job was in her mother’s agency. Currently, she works for big designers and brands like Levi’s, H&M, Calvin Klein, Benetton, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, and many others.

Malina Weissman Age, Mother, Parents & Family
Image source

With the eagerness to try her hand at acting, she seized the opportunity in 2014 to play the young April O’Neil, Megan Fox played the adult version of the character. Her performance in the science fiction action comedy Teenage Mutant Turtles won her further contracts for commercials for top brands such as ACT Mouthwash, Maybelline, Purell, and My Little Pony.

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In 2016 she appeared in the cast of Nine Lives and also in the film Thirsty as Rebecca Brand. Since 2017 Malina Weissman has played the role of Violet Baudelaire in Netflix’s series A Series of Unfortunate Events. She also played the young version of Melissa Benoist in the TV superhero series Supergirl.

What Is Malina Weissman’s Net Worth?

Malina has achieved so much financially. She receives about 2.4 million dollars in salary every year. Her net worth is estimated at $6 million – a sum that most adult models can only guess at. What’s more, with the speed at which this 5 ft 4-inch star is gaining ground in showbiz, her fortune is expected to increase significantly in the near future.

Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Not much is known about Malina’s love life. The stunner, active on both Facebook and Instagram, doesn’t share anything about her private life. Instead, she uses these platforms to present her funny, happy, and regular pages.

There are rumors that she is together with her co-star Louis Hynes. However, it turns out that they were just friends. Considering her age, it would not be wrong to say that this girl is too young to get romantically involved.

Her Mother (Parents), Sister, and Family

There is not much information about Malina Weissman’s family or her parents, but it is known that she follows the same path as her mother, who built a career as a model. She even started her career in the same agency that her mother signed with. From her Instagram posts, both her parents seem to be her solid support system.

Malina Weissman Age, Mother, Parents & Family
Image source

Malina is the sister of Ayla Weissman, an Instagram sensation best known for her fashion and lifestyle photos. She was born on 12 March 2000. Indeed, the fashion influencer of social media shares the same date of birth with Malina. Ayla achieved online fame in 2015 for publishing charming photos on social media. She mixes with other top social media stars like Declanglo.

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Other Facts About Malina Weissman 

1. This star has a great interest in promoting the welfare of mankind It has an interest in the promotion of women’s rights and has expressed itself in its social media on issues related to this broad topic.

2. Malina sees life differently than most people. She summarizes life as an adventure, midnight swimming, and really good food. Her favorite food is pasta with butter and cheese. She also loves chocolate.

3. Her hobbies include dancing, horse riding, and synchronized swimming. She wants to try skydiving.

4. Don’t be surprised if the child star becomes a veterinarian in the future. Besides acting and modeling, she loves animals and once shared that her dream is to become a veterinarian.

5. Malina is multilingual, she speaks fluent Spanish, German and English.