Marilou York Bio & Facts About Mark Hamill’s Wife

Marilou York Bio & Facts About Mark Hamill’s Wife

There are no better love stories than those told by two partners who have shared more than four decades of their life together as man and woman. When Star Wars star Mark Hamill met Marilou York, they had no idea they were meant for each other, let alone spent decades together. They met like two ordinary people from different professions and are now celebrated stars. Contrary to what is often perceived about celebrity marriages, the love life of Mark and his wife is complete proof that even love in Hollywood can stand the test of time. Here are facts about the wife of star actor Marilou York.

Who is Marilou York and How Old is She?

Marilou York was born on February 11, 1955, in the United States of America. She is an American citizen and is said to be the only child of her parents Jean Apple and Doyle Frederick York. Her parents died in 2009 and 2001 respectively. Although not much is known about her childhood, there are reports that she first attended Carmi Township Halls High School in Carmi, Illinois, and then enrolled in Parkland College for her college career. She finally graduated in 1975 with a degree in dental hygiene.

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His Family: Wife and Kids

Marilou York Bio & Facts About Mark Hamill’s Wife
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Marilou York and her husband married on December 17, 1978, and their union was blessed with three beautiful children: a daughter named Chelsea Elizabeth and two sons, Nathan and Griffin. Nathan, the oldest of the three, is an artist and illustrator. He was born when his father was filming The Empire Strikes Back in the UK. Nathan has also tried out a number of acting roles, he played two unappreciated roles in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, and was a voice actor in a 2011 animated film, Weasel Town. Griffin, on the other hand, is establishing his profession as a martial arts teacher and Chelsea, the youngest of them, works in public relations for the family business known as Amazing Invisible Inc.

Facts About Marilou York, Mark Hamill’s Wife

She met her husband in a dental clinic 

Marilou York was working in a dental clinic as a dental hygienist when she first met her husband. The American actor Mark said that his first meeting with Marilou took place in a waiting room where she looked very sexy in her jeans and white coat, and when he commented on her beauty, she completely ignored his words but asked him to go with her to the doctor’s office as he was the next patient to be treated. He then asked her out and she agreed, and Mark, as the actor he is, took her to a movie and the rest was history.

Mark and Marilou broke up briefly during which the actor was with actress Anne Wyndham. Shortly after that, he returned to York before they got married privately in Malibu, Los Angeles, California.

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What is her Net Worth?

As Marilou has had two profitable careers, it is assumed that she has earned a fairly reasonable amount for herself. In addition to her career as a dentist and film producer, Marilou is also the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Amazing Invisible Inc. founded by her husband Mark Hamill. While her annual earnings are not yet known, her net worth is estimated at 5 million dollars by the famous wife and mother of three children. Her actor-husband, who is also connected to two successful companies as a writer, has his own Net Worth estimated at 18 million dollars.

Marilou York Bio & Facts About Mark Hamill’s Wife
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Marilou York never went on honeymoon with Mark Hamill

Marilou lost the chance to experience the ecstatic feelings of the honeymoon with her newlywed husband, as he did in the movie Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. He appeared in the film as Luke Skywalker and shared the screen with people like Harrison Ford, Billy Dee Williams, and Carrie Fisher.

Her career as a movie producer

Marilou York practiced her profession as a dental hygienist for so many years before she threw herself into film production. She began her new career as a producer in 2004, co-producing comic books: The Movie with her husband Mark. The plot of the straight-to-video film revolves around Don Swan, a comic fan who is at war with a fictional studio. Mark Hamill is the Donald Swan, and he shares the screen with actors like Billy West, Jess Harnell, and Daran Norris, to name a few. While it is not known whether the film’s performance in the marketplace was impressive or not, her role in the production of the mockumentary film for direct-to-DVD broadcast marked a good start for her rise in the entertainment world.