Marty Weiss Biography & Everything About The Convicted Pedophile
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Marty Weiss may be famous, but he’s perhaps far from your Hollywood star archetype. This is because the former children’s talent manager was in the headlines for very disturbing reasons. The Weiss scandal is one of the many reasons why industry stakeholders have begun to demand better background checks on people who work with young actors. Here is a detailed look at the careers of child talent managers and convicted pedophiles.

Marty Weiss Biography

There is a lack of information about the date of birth, place of birth, parents, family background, early life, and education of Marty Weiss. However, it is believed that the former child talent manager was born sometime in 1963. It is uncertain when exactly Weiss made the leap into show business, but he achieved fame in Hollywood as a talent manager whose company represented child actors in the 1980s. During his active career, Marty Weiss helped his clients to get prominent roles on Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel. Some of his clients were featured in hit shows like Good Luck Charlie and iCarly. More recently, Marty’s clients have also appeared in Jack and Jill, The Muppets and several other television commercials.

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Facts About Marty Weiss

Evan Henzi’s Pedophilia Allegations

The entertainment industry was shocked in 2012 when it became known that Marty Weiss is one of the Hollywood types who attack child actors. This happened after one of the former clients and victims of talent manager Evan Henzi informed the police that Weiss allegedly sexually abused him when the boy was under ten years old.

Marty Weiss Biography & Everything About The Convicted Pedophile
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According to Evan, Weiss sexually abused him about 30-40 times over a period of three years until he gave up his job as his manager. Weiss cheated Henzi by intimidating and threatening his career. The talent manager claimed that the lewd acts were common practice in the entertainment industry and warned the victim not to tell anyone else that his career was ruined.

Further confirmation of Evan Henzi’s claim was that Marty Weiss was known as a party clown who was very social with his clients at the time. Some of his clients testified to having known him as someone who often blurred the line between professional and personal behavior. For example, boys stayed at Weiss’s house, and the talent manager also took trips with his underage clients who were not accompanied by their parents.

As there are suspicions that other underage boys may also have been victims of violence, an 18-year-old Henzi went to Weiss’ home one day in November 2012, confronted the talent manager with the alleged abuse, and recorded their conversation. The teenager went to the police with the tape and reported in an affidavit that he had been sexually abused by Weiss.

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His Arrest and Dissolution of His Talent Management Company

His arrest and the dissolution of his talent management company Weiss was then arrested, and police searched his apartment for more incriminating evidence but found none. Soon after his arrest, Marty dissolved his management company, freeing all clients from their contracts. The talent manager, who pleaded not guilty to eight counts of lewd acts with a child and sodomy, was later sentenced to one year in prison and five years suspended, forced to register as a sex offender, and had to undergo treatment.

Marty Weiss Biography & Everything About The Convicted Pedophile
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His Conviction, Sentencing, and Release

Part of the court ruling also required that Weiss should not be accompanied by a minor without the child being accompanied by an adult. His verdict was made easy because Weiss had reached an understanding, so in return, six other charges against him were dropped. Marty Weiss finally spent six months in prison before he was released for good behavior and had to sign the sex offender register.

Corey Feldman’s Allegations

Five years later, a child actor who turned into the singer Corey Feldman named Marty Weiss as one of his alleged pedophiles who allegedly abused him. Feldman, who had sworn for years to expose those who had abused him as a child and on a mission to end pedophilia within the industry, announced this in an interview.

During the November 2017 interview, Feldman claimed that Weiss molested him as a young actor in the 1980s. He also named former actor Jon Grissom as one of his molesters. Previously, Feldman had first made accusations of child abuse against the child talent manager and convicted sex offenders in his book Coreyography. Although there are no new abuse charges, the Marty Weiss scandal is one of the reasons why industry actors are demanding better background checks on people who work with young actors.