Mary Mouser Biography, Facts, Movies & TV Shows

Mary Mouser Biography, Facts, Movies & TV Shows

Hollywood is a huge creativity machine that has given the world several great stories that have been brought to life by many actors and actresses. It has been able to continue its existence thanks to the continuous influx of talents from every generation who want to share their acting skills with the world, and in the millennial generation, there are a number of talents, such as Mary Mouser, who are the stars of a YouTube series, Cobra Kai, in true millennial fashion.

While those who have fallen in love with her are most likely to refer to Cobra Kai as the show that made her popular with Mary, she has played a role in other prominent projects such as Body of Proof and Scandal, where she played a minor role as Fitz and Mellie Grant’s daughter, Karen Grant. We will discuss more her career and other interesting facts about Mary Mouser below. Read on to learn more about the young actress.

Mary Mouser Biography

What happens when supportive parents fulfill a child’s wish? Well, you get the career of Mary Mouser, a young actress whose voice was first heard in a film project when she was 2 years old.

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She was born on April 9, 1996, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, as the child of parents who wished their child to be a star and who started her career early. As the first of her parents’ three children, Mary had to juggle the responsibility of traditional education and building an acting career together.

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After her first acting job at the age of 2, Mary Mouser only appeared in another project at the age of 12. Since then she has appeared in many more films or television shows.

There is no record of her attending acting school or college, but so far she has shown a wealth of talent that is big enough to become a mainstay in Hollywood productions.

Movies and TV Shows

The desire of her parents to see her work in the industry led Mary Mouser to make her first recordings as a dubbing artist in the film Pom Poko at the age of 2. Her next loan came 10 years later after she had gained the certainty that she wanted to become an actress. It was on the TV show “Without a Trace” where she appeared in one episode as Amy Rose.

In the early 2000s, as she moved through the complexities of her teenage years, Mary Mouser began to build her career by appearing in movies and television shows such as Monk, Scrubs, Son of the Mask, Mindy and Brenda, The King of Queens, Mr. Fix It and several others.

In the first decade of the new millennium, she was given one of her most important roles to date, the role of Eloise in the show, Me, Eloise. After she officially grew up, she starred in shows like Scandal, The Devil You Know, Freakish, and began appearing as Samantha LaRusso on the show Cobra Kai.

Mary Mouser Biography, Facts, Movies & TV Shows
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An early start to her career has helped Mary Mouser build a filmography of over 50 films and television shows throughout her career, and with the age, desires, and talent at her side, she is ready to play in many more.

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Her Family – Parents and Siblings

When it comes to her family, Mary Mouser has followed in the footsteps of several actors and actresses before her and has limited the information about them. We still don’t know who her parents are, but we do know that they supported her acting interest from the beginning.

She has a brother and a sister who are both named Aaron Parker Mouser and Laura Ashley Mouser respectively and are also actors. With her two siblings, there is a chance that Mary Mouser could be the first of a family of Hollywood stars that would emerge in the near future.

Other Facts About Mary Mouser

  • Mary Mouser has a height of 5 feet 3 inches and a body weight of 52 kg. Additionally, she has blue eyes and dark blonde hair.
  • Not much is known about her relationship status but it is believed she is or at least was in a relationship with fellow actor, Brett Pierce. Having confirmed their relationship once in a Twitter post in 2016, there has been limited news on the current state of their relationship.
  • As a young actress, Mary Mouser has been the recipient of two award nominations from the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in the show, Life is Wild and the TV movie, A Stranger’s Heart.