Matt Flynn (Musician) Bio, Wife, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts
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The name Matt Flynn may not be immediately familiar to many, but since the late 1990s, he has made unsurpassed contributions to the music industry by playing the drum lines in some of your favorite songs. The professional drummer has drummed the drums of the likes of Gavin DeGraw (best known for the One Tree Hill theme song “I Don’t Wanna Be”), Gandhi, the Chicago rock band, and the new wave band The B-52’s.

However, he is best known as the drummer of the hit pop-rock band Maroon 5. After the band’s original drummer, Ryan Dusick left the band, Matt Flynn, who had toured with the band for several years, was asked to replace him in 2006. Flynn may not be as popular as other band members such as Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael, but there is still a lot to know about him.

Matt Flynn (Musician) Bio

On May 23, 1970, a star drummer named Matthew Flynn came to earth somewhere in Woodstock, New York. As a teenager at the age of 14, Matt Flynn started drumming. His first audience was his father, who proudly watched him play to the beat on Van Halen’s Billboard Number 1 of 1983, Jump.

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He shone at his school, Gunn High School, and later, in 1984, the same year that he started drumming, Flynn entered his student talent contest and finished third. He was beaten only by stand-up comedian Daniel Tosh and a dance troupe called Tropic Lightning.

After graduating high school, Flynn attended San Diego State University. However, he continued to play drums and became part of many bands, including The B-52’s, Chicago, Gandhi, and played for solo acts such as K’naan, Gavin DeGraw, and many others.

Matt Flynn (Musician) Bio, Wife, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts
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In 2004, Matt Flynn joined Maroon 5 as a tour member and when Ryan Dusick was unable to continue the band due to chronic nerve injuries to his wrist and shoulders, Flynn was the best option to fill his position. He started playing in 2006 in time for the recordings for the band’s second album.

Matt Flynn  Net Worth

Matt Flynn has helped some very successful musicians and bands to put together their music, and he deserves a pretty substantial paycheck for that. His largest group, Maroon 5, is estimated to be over $45 million. However, since Flynn is not one of their founding members, it is possible that he takes home the smallest amount of money from the band’s success, and that amount would definitely be far from chicken feed.

Flynn reinforces his income with a number of sponsorship contracts. His partners include Sugar Percussion, Remo drumheads, Father Drumsticks, and Paiste cymbals. Matt Flynn’s net worth was estimated at $4 million.

Who’s His Wife?

Matt Flynn is the most private of all Maroon 5 members. Even before joining the band, the energetic drummer had preferred to keep details of his private life under wraps. For celebrities like Matt Flynn, details about their private lives are often hard to find out.

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While his bandmates like lead singer Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael enjoy sharing the highlights of their relationship with fans through their social media platforms, Flynn doesn’t even consider it because he doesn’t have a social media account.

Matt Flynn (Musician) Bio, Wife, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts
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On the official Twitter page of Maroon 5, Matt Flynn’s handle is the only one missing. Flynn has the same name as the more popular American former professional quarterback Matt Flynn, so the public tends to mix information about the two, especially Maroon 5 fans who are curious to learn more about their favorite drummer.

When Matt Flynn (soccer player) married Lacey Minchew on June 22, 2013, many music lovers thought it was Maroon 5’s, Matt Flynn. On the contrary, the drummer was married long before the soccer player. Matt Flynn of Maroon 5 is married to the love of his life, Heidi Ford. She is a fraternal twin with Jenny “Jenni” Ford. They have two children together, including daughter Ryan Flynn and son Michael Ford Flynn, who was born on June 5, 2007.

Other Interesting Facts About Matt Flynn

1. In a 2009 Twitter post, Adam Levine revealed that Flynn is his favorite drummer because he beats “hard”.

2. Flynn once gave his drumsticks as a gift to Brian “Q” Quinn of the Impractical Jokers after he had a Maroon 5 gig with the TruTv Upfronts.

3. The drums he played most often were Ludwig and Yamaha.

4. He played on – Botanica’s title, Good, and on K’naan’s album, Troubadour.