Meadow Rain Walker – Family & Facts About Paul Walker’s Daughter

Meadow Rain Walker is not a typical celebrity, but she has become a famous person in showbiz, as well as among the fans of The Fast and the Furious Franchise. She is the daughter of the late American actor Paul Walker, best known for his portrayal of Brian O’Conner in car racing and his former girlfriend Rebecca McBrain. Although she was only 15 years old when her father died, Meadow has grown into a fine woman and keeps the memories of her father alive.

Meadow Rain Walker’s Biography

It was on November 4, 1998, when Meadow Rain Walker was born in Northern California, California, in the United States, as the daughter of her actor father Paul Walker and his then-girlfriend Rebecca Soteros, who has always kept away from the media as she prefers to keep her life private.

The relationship between her parents later ended in a separation not long after her birth and her mother, who worked as a teacher, moved to Hawaii where she raised Meadow. She attended a local school in Hawaii and was able to maintain a relationship with her father even though she was not with him.

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When she was 13, she moved back to California where she began living with her father. Unfortunately, she did not stay with him long before he died, less than 2 years after she moved. On the day of the car accident that killed him, both Paul and Meadow were invited to the event he was on his way to before the accident, but she had other plans.

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Meadow Rain Walker’s family

Since the death of her father, Meadow has enjoyed the support of her family. Because of her mother’s love of alcohol, her grandmother Cheryl Ann took over sole guardianship of Meadow, who was still a minor when her father died. Cheryl cited Rebecca Soteros’ earlier DUI cases as the reason why she wanted custody of her granddaughter to the dismay of both Meadow and her mother.

The case was finally settled out of court when Soteros agreed to get professional help for her problem, after which she could have full custody of her daughter. Other members of the family are her paternal grandfather, Paul William Walker III, and her uncles Cody and Caleb Walker.

More facts about Meadow Rain Walker – Paul Walker’s daughter

1. she sued Porsche for the death of her father

Almost two years after Paul’s death, Rain dragged Porsche to court and insisted that the giant car manufacturer had not built enough safety features into the car to prevent her father’s unfortunate death. The actor died at the scene of the accident after his car lost control and caught fire.

Based on court documents, Meadow explained that the Carrera GT model had control problems that led to the accident, among other things. The case was finally settled in October 2017, with details of the settlement withheld from the media.

Meadow Rain Walker Family & Facts About Paul Walker’s Daughter
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2. She also sued Roger Rodas, who was driving the car

Although Paul Walker is the most discussed person in relation to the accident, he was in the car with his friend Roger Rodas, who was driving the car on that fateful day. His estate was later to take some of the responsibility for the accident and earn Meadow more than $10 million, which according to her lawyers is only a small fraction of what the talented actor would have earned if his life had not been cut short.

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3. Paul Walker Foundation

Before his death, the Fast and Furious actor had been involved in a number of charities and had also taken care of animals. To preserve his legacy, Meadow Rain Walker established a foundation in his name to continue doing good for people.

4. Height and Weight

Needless to say, Meadow is a very beautiful young woman who also has a good body. However, She is 1.80 m tall and has a body that weighs 51 kg.

5. Net Worth

The exact net worth of Meadow Rain Walker is not known, but it is known that she is a very wealthy woman. She inherited her father’s estate, estimated at over $25 million. More than that, she also received $10.1 million in compensation for her father’s death from Rodgers’ estate. Details of her settlement with Porsche are not known.

Walker could also benefit from her fame as a social media influencer with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.