Meghan Brock Bio, Family & Everything About David Johnson’s Wife

Meghan Brock Bio, Family & Everything About David Johnson’s Wife

Footballers are seen by American society as gladiators who step onto the field every week to give thousands of people something to cheer them on. They have become one of the most celebrated personalities in America, and with that comes an increased focus on their personal lives. A solid example of this is David Johnson, one of the star players of the Arizona Cardinals and husband of Meghan Brock.

Their relationship is an issue of interest to running back fans, and we’ve learned more about one of the main pillars of support for David Johnson, which we share about them all in this article. Read on to learn more.

Meghan Brock Biography

On March 1, 1993, Meghan Brock was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa as Meghan Tara Brock or her parents. Not much is known about her childhood and family background. As a child, Meghan Brock attended Cedar Falls High School, where she was not only a brilliant academic student but also a member of the cheerleading team.

Meghan Brock Bio, Family & Everything About David Johnson’s Wife
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At the end of her high school years, Meghan Brock, like most of her peers, went on to college and studied at the University of Northern Iowa, where she received her bachelor’s degree and also met her future superstar husband, David Johnson.

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In addition to her education in Northern Iowa, she also attended a nursing course at Kirkwood Community College, where she began a career as a nurse.

After completing her nursing education, she began working in New Aldaya Lifescapes, a nursing home. However, when Meghan and her husband David decided to start a family, Meghan Brock decided to become a housewife.

Family Details

Many people can often point to a moment that has changed their lives, a decision that has led them to a path where they live their dreams. For David Johnson, this decision was the choice of the University of North Iowa, which not only allowed him to enter the professional world but also to meet his wife Meghan Brock.

The two met at a house party organized in honor of Brock’s 19th birthday. Shortly after the first meeting, which was facilitated by the fact that they shared a common class, health promotion, they started dating and have been together since September 2012.

Meghan Brock with her husband David Johnson and her son during an MLB game
After years of being together, they took the next step in June 2015 when they got engaged and got married about a year later, on April 8, 2016.

Despite the challenges they faced with their first pregnancy, which included pre-eclampsia, a condition caused by a blood pressure disorder, they were able to raise a son, David Jerome Johnson Jr., born on January 14, 2017, and another child born in 2019.

Meghan Brock Bio, Family & Everything About David Johnson’s Wife
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David Johnson was born in Memphis, Tennessee and began his football career at a high school in Clinton. He played for the University of Northern Iowa before joining the NFL via a draft pick from the Arizona Cardinals. He has grown to be a major player for the Cardinals and has achieved several individual successes, including a place in the Pro Bowl.

Both Meghan Brock and David Johnson have supported each other, and aside from supporting each other in their professional endeavors, they have also created their own foundation, Mission 31 Foundation, whose mission is to help children with medical problems by raising money for their treatment.

Before the Foundation was established, both of them worked as volunteers in children’s hospitals.

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Other Facts About Meghan Brock

Their foundation name, Mission 31 Foundation, was named after David Johnson’s shirt number for the Cardinals. He wears the number 31 for the team.

Meghan Brock has a strong presence in social media, particularly through Instagram, where she uploads pictures of her family and other fun moments in her life. Her profile is @meghantjohnson Her husband, David, publishes on the platform through the @davidjohnson31 account.

Meghan Brock has an appearance on a TV show. She appeared on the show “All or nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals.” A documentary about her husband’s team. Meghan Brock appeared in four episodes of the show. It was aired in 2016.

Her husband, David Johnson, is said to be worth $3 million. He signed a three-year contract with the Cardinals in 2018 worth $39 million.