Mehgan James Biography, Net Worth, Who is the Boyfriend Or Husband?
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Mehgan James is a Hollywood celebrity nicknamed “The Temptation of Texas”. She is a reality TV star and is becoming more popular every day because she appears in various magazines. There have been many rumors about her, especially about the men she dated. Let’s look further into the life of Mehgan James and find out details about her professional and personal life.

Mehgan James Biography

Mehgan James, diva and celebrity star, was born on February 11, 1990, in Houston City, Texas. There is not much information about her family except that her parents were African-American and that she is the oldest of her parents’ seven children. Mehgan James is American and is an actress and model by profession. She is best known for her role in the popular American reality TV series “Bad Girls Club”, in which she starred in the 9th installment of the series.

She began her interest in the entertainment and film industry at a very young age and also took part in outdoor sports. While Mehgan and her family lived in Houston, she attended a middle school that was located in her hometown – the Blocker Middle School – and later also attended the University of Houston.

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Mehgan James Biography, Net Worth, Who is the Boyfriend Or Husband?
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The reality TV star is said to be brave and very outspoken, and on top of that, he is very handsome, has a good figure, and always looks stunning in all the clothes he wears. It has been said that Mehgan has had plastic surgery and Botox improvements, which is why she has such a gorgeous figure that she enjoys showing off in social media.

Before she went into acting and gained so much popularity, Mehgan was a not-so-famous model, and even when she decided to become an actress, things weren’t all rosy for her because she went to many auditions and was rejected until luck finally smiled on her and she appeared in the TV series 50 Cent: Money and Power. Her big breakthrough would come, however, and the sexy actress would book her place in the spotlight when she appeared in the series Bad Girls Club, which featured her trouble with her roommates, which made her so popular when she started her entertainment career. If you’ve seen the popular series Basketball Wives, Mehgan appeared in the original cast of the series, including Hip Hop Houston and Shoe Love.

Mehgan James Net Worth     

In addition to her acting career, Mehgan James also has her own lingerie brand, and so far she’s coping very well with it. She has earned a lot of money with her appearances in magazines, social media, and also on television. Her net worth is estimated at around 400,000 dollars. She is still on an upward trend in her career and will certainly achieve income increases that will definitely affect her net worth in the coming years.

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Mehgan James Biography, Net Worth, Who is the Boyfriend Or Husband?
Image source

Who is the Boyfriend Or Husband?

As a celebrity, Mehgan James has had so much controversy, especially when it comes to dating. From stories that have been published about her, you will say that she is unstable when it comes to maintaining a relationship. She has dated many men, including Rob Kardashian, which has created a lot of dust. She is said to have dated Kedrick Brown, an NBA player, and they were together for a while before they broke up when Mehgan was accused of cheating on him with another man.

There was also a rumor that she was dating Quincy Miller, but she denied this on the grounds that it was a lie and she had nothing to do with him. The rumor about her relationship with Rob Kardashian caused a big stir in the city and in the media in 2016. At the time of the rumor, Rob Kardashian was with Black Chyna, who had just delivered Rob’s baby. The latter tried to clear his name by posting photos of him and Black Chyna on Twitter and other social media platforms, but the rumor was still alive.

Some sources claim that Mehgan was the one who planned this whole thing in another country in order to get publicity, well, if that’s true, it certainly worked out well for them, because their followers on Instagram doubled after the whole drama unfolded. Mehgan James, however, is currently single and concentrating on her career.