Michael Imperioli Wife, Children, Height, Bio, Other Facts

Michael Imperioli Wife, Children, Height, Bio, Other Facts

For anyone who has followed the successful series The Sopranos, Christopher Moltisanti is definitely a character who makes an impression. The character is played by the American actor, author, and director Michael Imperioli, who is also known for other great works both on television and in films such as Goodfellas, Jungle Fever, Bad Boys, and Malcolm X and many others.

Michael Imperioli Biography

The Italian, who was named Michael Imperioli at his birth on March 26, 1966, in Mount Vernon, New York, began his early life in Mount Vernon before later moving to Brewster. He grew up with a brother, John Imperioli, with his parents Dan and Claire Imperioli, who were both amateur actors. He received his education at Lincoln School, from where he transferred to Brewster High School.

The actor, who would later become famous for playing Italian-American characters in movies, decided to follow in his parent’s footsteps and become an actor, and he had his first screen role in the 1989 movie Alexa, which was followed by Lean on Me that same year.

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Michael Imperioli Wife, Children, Height, Bio, Other Facts
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In 1990 he starred in Goodfellas and had an unappreciated appearance in Jacob’s Ladder. In the following years he appeared in more and more films, including Dead Presidents (1995), I Shot Andy Warhol (1996), High Roller: The Stu Hungarian Story (2003), and Hungry Ghosts (2009). Most recently he has appeared in Cantinflas (2014), The Wannabe (2015), and The Last Full Measure (2019).

Even more so than in the movies, he has also been involved in many productions for television, the most popular of which was “The Sopranos” from 1999 to 2007. The show earned him the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actors in a Drama Series (2004) and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series (1999, 2007). He was also nominated for another Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and the Golden Nymph Award.

Other television shows he has participated in include Life on Mars (2008-2009), Detroit 1-8-7 (2010-2011), and Mad Dogs (2015-2016).

Michael Imperioli’s Wife and Children

Just as he enjoyed a very successful career, Michael Imperioli also had a very successful family life; something that is not easy to get in Hollywood. He is married to Victoria Chlebowski, with whom he was together for a long time before the two decided to get married in 1995.

Michael Imperioli once stated that he loves his wife and family even more than acting. More than that, he revealed that although GoodFellas was the real start of his career, his life changed completely when he met the linguist and philosopher Victoria.

Michael Imperioli Wife, Children, Height, Bio, Other Facts
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After more than two decades of living together, the couple had two sons from the marriage, while Victoria Chlebowski had a daughter, Isabella, from a previous relationship.

The couple’s son, Vadim Imperioli, follows in the footsteps of his father, who is already an aspiring stand-up comedian. Vadim, who graduated from Santa Barbara High School, made his acting debut in 2007 when he appeared in Mitch Albom’s For One More Day. Interestingly, he also appeared in the film, which was produced by Oprah Winfrey alongside his father. He also had roles in Joy De V. (2013) and Detroit 1-8-7.

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Michael Imperioli Height and Weight

Imperioli is a good-looking man who definitely has class and style, but he’s not necessarily the biggest man you’ll find on the set. He still has a decent height of 5 feet 8 inches  (1.73 feet) and a bodyweight estimated at 69 kg (152 lbs).

Other Facts

Life Before Fame: Before the actor made it big on the screen, he had various odd jobs, including moving furniture, messenger services, and bartending.

He is From a Family of Actors: As already mentioned, both parents of Michael were amateur actors. His brother also appeared on screen, and the same can be seen with his son.

The Sopranos: Although he is very popular because he plays a role in The Sopranos, he has also written 5 episodes of the highly acclaimed show.

Net Worth: The star of The Sopranos has rightly given his acting performance to the full. He can look back on more than 40 films and television shows as well as further engagements as author and director.

It is therefore not surprising that his net worth is estimated at 10 million dollars.