Michael McDonald (Singer) Wife, Children, Net Worth, Age, Gay

Michael McDonald (Singer) Wife, Children, Net Worth, Age, Gay

Michael McDonald is a singer and songwriter popular in the music genres Blue-Eyed Soul, Pop Rock, Soft Rock, and R&B. The musician has been around for almost eternity, as he started his career back in the 1970s. Despite all his efforts, his albums have sold millions of copies and he has received many awards, including 3 Grammy awards. He is rightly considered one of the greatest singers of his generation, you can find out all about him here.

Michael McDonald Biography And Age

Michael McDonald was born on February 12, 1952, in St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up in an Irish-American family with two sisters, Maureen McDonald and Kathy McDonald. For his education, the boy, who was to grow up to be a popular singer, went to McCluer High School.

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McDonald started singing when he was much younger, and when he was in high school he started his career with the band “Mike and the Majestics”. Later he also performed in various other bands such as the “Reebtoors”, “The Guild” and “Jerry Jay and the Sheratons” – before he moved to California to pursue a musical career.

Michael McDonald (Singer) Wife, Children, Net Worth, Age, Gay
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From 1970, when he moved to LA, he worked with other artists, writing and singing on their albums. He worked with Steely Dan as a background vocalist and keyboardist before joining the Doobie Brothers, after the band hired him as a temporary member to fill in for Tom Johnston, the band’s then a sick lead singer. However, thanks to his great contribution to the band and his talent, he became a full-time member.

The band released some great works such as “Takin’ It to the Streets”, “It Keeps You Runnin'” and the Grammy-winning “What a Fool Believes”, written by Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.

After the band finally broke up in the early 1980s, Michael began his solo career with the release of If That’s What It Takes. Although the album was successful, it was to take three years before he released his next album “No Lookin’ Back” in 1985. He then produced 7 more albums and 4 Christmas albums. His most recent works are “Soul Speak” (2008), “This Christmas” (2009), and “Wide Open” (2017).

Throughout his career, which can be described as very successful, he has had many Grammy nominations and awards both with The Doobie Brothers and as a solo artist. He won the Best R&B Performance with James Ingram in 1984 and the Best Arrangement Accompaniment Voice and Album of the Year with The Doobie Brothers in 1979.

Is He Gay Or Has A Wife? And Children

Sometimes the singer can be mistaken for the comedian Michael McDonald, who appeared as a gay couple alongside Wayne Brady Nickelodeon’s ‘Loud House’. That’s why fans keep asking if he is gay or if he voted for the cartoon show. The singer is neither gay nor the man behind the voice.

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Although there are many interesting things about the professional life of Michael McDonald, his love life is even more interesting. When he was 18 years old, he was hired as a pianist on the record of the then 16-year-old singer Amy Holland.

Michael McDonald (Singer) Wife, Children, Net Worth, Age, Gay
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The two liked each other immediately, but Amy had a boyfriend. The next time they met again was 5 years later when they worked on Amy’s album for 3 years before they finally decided much later that they wanted to spend their lives together and entered into the marriage in 1983.

McDonald and his wife have two children together, Dylan and Scarlett, and they live in Santa Barbara, California. His son, Dylan, is a member of the band Dylan McDonald & The Avians, while Scarlett, born in 1991, has kept out of the public eye until now.

In 1995, the family faced one of their toughest battles after Amy Holland was diagnosed with cancer. Later, however, she managed to defeat the disease.

Michael McDonald Net Worth

Through his career as a singer, Michael McDonald has achieved a lot both as a solo artist and as a member of a band. For all his efforts he has a huge net worth of 40 million dollars. Also as a record producer, he has made a greater part of his wealth from his musical career.