Michelle Clunie Biography, Family and Facts About The American Actress

Michelle Clunie Biography, Family and Facts About The American Actress

Michelle Clunie has made a name for herself in America as an outstanding actress. Her most popular acting achievement is the TV show Queer as Folk, in which she impersonated the character of Melanie Marcus. Since entering the acting scene, she has played a variety of complex roles and has earned critical acclaim and the admiration of millions of viewers who admire and look forward to her performances. Over the years, Michelle has put everything she has into her career, so it was only a matter of time before she became a household name and one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood.

The versatile actress has received several awards for her work along the way. At 23, she received the prestigious Dramalogue Award for the character she played in A Comedy of Eros, a brilliant play performed at the Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles for the pleasure of the audience. Similarly, she received the Backstage Readers Best Performance Award for her electrifying performance of the character Abby in The Mercy Seat.

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Michelle Clunie Biography

The actress was born on November 7, 1969, as Michelle Renne Clunie in Portland, Oregon. She was fascinated by dance and music from an early age, so she began training in jazz, ballet, tap, but also violin. Michelle’s exceptional talent and her outstanding skills as a ballet dancer earned her a scholarship to the renowned Academy of Professional Ballet. There she studied and worked as an apprentice until her program was completed.

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When she was 19 years old, Michelle Clunie pawned her violin for a ridiculous sum of 200 dollars, which she used to finance her trip to Los Angeles, where she wanted to establish herself as an actress. She studied acting under the watchful eye of the late Milton Katselas, a talented Hollywood producer and director.

Her first stage appearance was the production of a play by Dean Orion entitled A Comedy of Eros, for which she was awarded Best Actress at the Dramalogue Awards. She then appeared in several other plays around the country, including The Mercy Chair and We, a play for which she was a screenwriter and actress. In 1993, she appeared in her first movie, a horror movie called Jason Goes to Hell: Last Friday followed on “Sunset Strip”.

Two years later she starred in the Oscar-winning film “The Usual Suspects”. She got a role in the series Space: Above and Beyond 1996 and later in The Jeff Foxworthy Show, which helped her to success and fame. Michelle’s next notable role was in Lost & Found, V.I.P., and Diagnosis: Murder. Michelle Clunie began her iconic role in Queer as Folk in 2000 and played until 2005 before moving on to other shows such as Without a Trace, The Closer and House M.D. In 2008 she played the lead role in Solar Flare and Leaving Barstow.

Michelle appeared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The Mentalist. You might also recognize her from her role as Ellen Beals in the TV hit “Make It or Break It”. Her other appearances include roles in Bones, Death Clique, A Sort of Homecoming, Teen Wolf, Virgin Territory, Boy Meets World, The Tony Danza Show, Judging Amy, Night and NCIS: Los Angeles. She has also appeared in The Unseen, Lie to Me, In Plain Sight, Magic Mike, Detroit 1-8-7 and Battery Park.

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Michelle Clunie’s Family

Personally, there is little information about Michelle Clunié’s family background, but it is no secret that she comes from a family saturated with writers. One of her relatives wrote the screenplay for Top Gun as well as many successful movies. Her brother works as a writer. The actress has not revealed the names of her parents or siblings.

Michelle Clunie Biography, Family and Facts About The American Actress
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In 1989 she fell romantically in love with her boyfriend, director, writer, and producer Bryan Singer. They are not married and not really a couple, but they are best friends and have taken in a child together. Their son, Dashiell Julius William, was born on January 5, 2015.

Facts About the American Actress

1. She used to have a relationship with the actor Michael B. Singer.

2. Michelle Clunie has a generous heart and has been involved in several charitable works.

3. She hosts fundraisers and was selected by Pride Nation to serve as an ambassador for the Global March for Gender Equality in 2015.

4. The actress is 5 feet 7 inches tall with a slender frame.