Mike Sherm Age, Height & Facts About The Musical Artist

Mike Sherm – Age, Height & Facts About The Musical Artist

The development and continued existence of music has always depended on the cycle of musical artists who find their way into the industry and develop to such an extent that they can replace the old guard when they retire. In recent years, social media platforms have led to an influx of young and aspiring musicians vying for their place in the music industry. One of them is Mike Sherm, a rapper who got his start through the music sharing website SoundCloud.

Before SoundCloud, aspiring musicians took to the streets and knocked on the doors of music managers hoping for a chance, but through the platform, talents like Mike Sherm took control of their development and took their music straight to music fans and inadvertently developed a following that makes music managers want to chase them.

How far Mike will go remains to be seen, but he is well on his way to becoming a music superstar. Read all about his life and career development here.

Mike Sherm Biography, Age

Canada is generally not known as the home of rappers, although it boasts Drake as one of its superstars, but it is one of the leading countries with the highest number of citizens who are global music stars, and if Mike Sherm’s talent is anything to go by, he could soon be added to the illustrious list.

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Mike was born on September 30, 1996, in Montreal, Quebec, but grew up with his parents in Victoria, British Columbia. Although we do not know much about his background, it is believed that he left his family at the age of 14 for reasons as yet unknown.

His educational history remains a mystery, but he began writing music at the age of 10 and was the omnipresent companion of the Montreal-born rapper through his development into an adult. In 2012, he began uploading some of his songs to global platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube, beginning a journey that led to appearances on the Rolling Loud tour. Some of his first gigs were Stuck Up, Cookies, A-Hole, Bands On Me, and several others, all of which attracted the attention of music producers, fans, and executives, enough to get him his first record deal at FLVR Records.

Mike Sherm Age, Height & Facts About The Musical Artist
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He was signed to FLVR Records in 2017 and has since released his first studio album, Back Around. With this album, Mike Sherm was able to expand the popularity of his work by collaborating with other artists such as Moka Only, Prada West, Larceny, Merkules, and several others.

Mike Sherm is a rapper known for his various rhyming styles and sharp wit. He belongs to a modern generation of hip-hop artists who have developed a following across all demographic boundaries. From Caucasians to African-American hip-hop fans, his social media profile is reflected in his Instagram, where he has over 190 thousand followers, and on YouTube with over 280 thousand subscribers.

Personal Life

Although still, an up-and-coming talent, Mike Sherm’s love life has already caught the interest of his growing fan base who wants to get to know the happy man or woman in the life of the rapper. So far there has been no answer to this question, and although there is a group of people who see his reluctance to share his private life as proof that he is a gay man, the rapper has yet to make an admission of this kind, and he is generally considered to be heterosexual.

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Mike Sherm’s Height

Unfortunately, his exact size has not yet been determined, but an eye test through his music videos and pictures suggests that Mike Sherm is somewhere between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 2 inches. His body weight is measured at 73 kg, a healthy and reasonable weight for a man of his height.

His physical appearance as an athlete suggests that Mike Sherm spends time at the gym. Other conspicuous physical characteristics he has are black hair and dark brown eyes.

Other Facts About Mike Sherm

  • Although he is still a growing artist, his album sales and concerts have earned him a net value in the region of $800 thousand.
  • As his career is still on the rise, it is expected that he will be worth much more in the near future.
  • Mike Sherm worked with his colleagues from SOB X RBE on the song Knockdown.