Molly Parker Facts, Childhood and Life Achievements

Molly Parker Facts, Childhood and Life Achievements

Canadian-American actress Molly Parker, who is known for getting often controversial film roles, has since established herself as one of the most successful Hollywood professionals of this generation. Although she may seem rather strict and pushy to you, the flexibility with which she handles each role given to her is considered epic by many of her fans. As a result, the actress has built up a truly exuberant acting profile that has spoken for itself since 1991, when she received her first acting award.

With over 90 roles in film and television to her credit to date – including such successful projects as the 1996 CBS mini-series Titanic and Netflix’s House of Cards – Molly remains strong and is currently casting the lead role of ‘Maureen Robinson’ in the 1965 Netflix revival of the CBS science fiction series Lost In Space, and is set to take on an unannounced role in the 2019 film Words On Bathroom Walls, which will feature other great actors including Charlie Plummer and Taylor Russell. In this section, we, therefore, devote our attention to the life and career of this iconic actress.

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Who is Molly Parker? – (Childhood And Early Life)

The actress was born Molly Parker on 30 June 1972 and grew up in her birthplace, the Canadian town of Maple Ridge, British Columbia. She has a younger brother named Henry Parker. Although we do not know the names of her parents at this time, the available information shows that they were entrepreneurs who lived a quiet life on a farm and owned a seafood retail business.

Molly Parker Facts, Childhood and Life Achievements
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We know that molly went through the conventional school system like any other child. But she started preparing for her career so early that no one seems to care about her conventional education. Instead, her education for her profession is constantly being highlighted in the media. For example, she is said to have started attending ballet classes from the age of three, which lasted well into her teenage years.

In high school, Molly Parker was known for her participation in drama club activities. After graduating from high school, she received further training, which included intensive voice and singing rehearsals at Gastown Actors’ Studio in Vancouver.

Having received proper training in the area of her chosen career, Molly was ready for any challenge in the industry. She lost no time in getting started with auditions and came to Hollywood when she auditioned for CBS’ My Son Johnny television drama in Vancouver in 1991. After a great performance at the audition, she got the supporting role of “Lori Spoda” in the movie, and today the rest is history.

Life Achievements

As mentioned earlier, Molly Parker came to Hollywood with a decent education in a backpack. She continued to show her talent and gradually built up her fan base through supporting roles. This continued for about five years until she got her first big role as “Sandra Larson” in the erotic thriller “Kissed” in 1996, which can be called her first big role ever. Although the film had a small budget and was produced in Canada, it achieved her very first major recognition in the industry – a genius award for the best leading actress (1997). She received another genius award for her performance in the role of “Sarah” in the 2001 film “Last Wedding”.

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Molly was also nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for her role as “Florence” in the 2001 film “The Center of the World”. A decade and a half later, she received another nomination for the Canadian Screen Award for the best performance of an actress in a supporting role for the role of “Laura” in the 2016 film “Weirdos”.

Molly Parker Facts, Childhood and Life Achievements
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Although Molly Parker has been credited with more than 45 television roles in her career, there are a number of her roles that have been more acclaimed than the others. For example, everyone seems to associate her with her role as “Jacqueline Sharp” in the Netflix hit parade of the political thriller “House of Cards” in the web TV series “House of Cards”, for which she received an Emmy nomination at prime time. Another role she has retained is that of ‘Alma Garrett’ in the HBO series Dead Wood. For her role in House of Cards and Deadwood, she has also been nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series in 2007, 2015 and 2016.

Other prestigious nominations that have recognized Molly’s outstanding achievements include the Gemini Award for the best performance by an actress in a leading role in a dramatic program or mini-series (1996); the Canadian Award for Multimedia for the best female performance in a feature film (2002) and the Gotham Independent Film Award for the best ensemble performance (2005).

Other Interesting Facts About Molly Parker

  • Molly Parker was married to the film director Matt Bissonnette for ten years between 2002 and 2012. Their union sadly ended in a divorce.
  • She has a son named William with Matt. William was born in October 2006 and he is Molly’s only child so far.
  • As of mid-2019, Molly Parker’s net worth is estimated at $2.5 million. Of course, she made at least a huge chunk of her money from her copious acting career.
  • If Molly believes in astrology, her constellation sign would be Cancer. By this, she would be expected to be deeply intuitive as a result of being in touch with her emotions.