Nancy Wiesenfeld Bio, Facts To Know About Leslie Moonves’ Ex-Wife

Nancy Wiesenfeld Bio, Facts To Know About Leslie Moonves’ Ex-Wife

Only after her husband’s extramarital affairs and finally, a divorce did Nancy Wiesenfeld succeed in attracting public attention. Indeed, many know her as the ex-wife of the popular media manager Leslie Roy Moonves, but what else do they know about her? Moonves was the CEO of CBS when he and his former wife filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Nancy was in the spotlight, especially after her ex immediately moved on with newscaster Julie Chen. This made the story of their divorce all the more interesting. There is so much more to know about Wiesenfeld, and you will learn all about it here.

Nancy Wiesenfeld Bio

She was born on May 15, 1960, in California and is of white descent. As an adolescent Nancy was very interested in dancing and she began taking dance lessons at a very young age. However, this did not prevent her from receiving formal training. Wiesenfeld attended the same high school with her younger sister. She then attended the University of California and graduated with a degree in art.

Nancy Wiesenfeld – Bio, Facts To Know About Leslie Moonves’ Ex-Wife
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Nancy Wiesenfeld gained popularity after she began a relationship with Leslie Moonves. After years of dating, Nancy and Leslie entered into a marriage in December 1978. Their wedding was on everyone’s lips and was celebrated by family, friends, and many personalities. The couple welcomed their first child in 1984, a girl named Sara Moonves. Later they also welcomed their two sons Michael and Adam.

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After seemingly so many years of blissful union, things between the two began to get sour. Moonves had begun an extramarital affair with CBS personality Julie Chen. Moonves and Chen managed to keep their affair under wraps for a while until it finally came to light. Nancy Wiensfeld was so badly hurt by the unpleasant development and was looking for ways to win back her husband. It hurt even more when she found out that she was the last person to know about the affair. Nancy boycotted CBS programs at the time so as not to see the face of her husband’s mistress.

In 2003 her marriage finally broke up when Nancy filed for divorce in the Los Angeles Supreme Court. She cited insurmountable differences as grounds for the divorce and prayed that the court would grant her petition. However, Moonves reportedly demanded that the entire process be expedited so that he could regain a single status.

Nancy Wiesenfeld – Bio, Facts To Know About Leslie Moonves’ Ex-Wife
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After more than 20 years of marriage, the couple finally parted ways in 2004, after the divorce was finalized. The notorious divorce was indeed a public affair; it was reported on by various media platforms, many of which were incriminating. Moonves was Chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation at the time, so the entire process was public knowledge.

Moonves and Julie Chen were married in Mexico on December 23, 2004, after his divorce from Wiensfeld on December 10, 2004. In September 2009 they welcomed their first child, Charlie Moonves, five years later.

Leslie Moonves resigned as CEO of CBS later in 2018 after massive accusations of sexual misconduct were made against him.

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Facts To Know About Leslie Moonves’ Ex-Wife

Nancy Wiesenfeld Net Worth

Nancy Wiesenfeld has built up her own portfolio and has much to show for it. After her divorce from the former head of CBS, she ventured into several lucrative businesses that raised her status to an enviable level. She is the owner of several properties, and although she has not claimed to be, she has a net worth of millions of dollars. Her residence is in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

It is not clear whether Moonves’s ex-wife is currently married to another man, but some sources have hinted at this. What we do know is that she lives happily and comfortably in Los Angeles. She prefers to live an inconspicuous life and always tries to stay away from the media.

Body Measurements – Height and Weight

Nancy Wiesenfeld has maintained a slim figure throughout her life. With her body statistics, which were given as 34-26-35, she has little difficulty in fitting into the clothing of her choice. Wiesenfeld stands at a height of 1.67m (5ft 6in), which is proportional to her weight of 55kg (121lb). She wears size 6 (US) for her shoes and 33B for her bra.