Nancy Wiesenfeld – Leslie Moonves Ex-Wife: Biography & Net Worth

Nancy Wiesenfeld - Leslie Moonves Ex-Wife: Biography & Net Worth

If you are able to make a career at the top of one of the American TV stations, it is natural that you are a successful person and become a bit famous in the process. This status brings with it other requirements besides fame, such as increased attention in your life, especially in your personal life. This is the story of former CBS boss Leslie Moonves and his wife Nancy Wiesenfeld.

Due to her husband’s position, Nancy Wiesenfeld, who is now divorced from him, has become something of a celebrity herself and has maintained a certain level of attention even after her husband was accused of sexual misconduct.

Her husband is already a well-known executive in the American entertainment industry. For those who may not know Leslie’s ex-wife, here is everything you need to know about her.

Nancy Wiesenfeld - Leslie Moonves Ex-Wife: Biography & Net Worth
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Nancy Wiesenfeld Biography

Nancy Wiesenfeld was born on May 15, 1960, in California as the daughter of parents whose names we do not yet know. Much of her background remains unknown as she has managed to keep certain aspects of her life away from the media despite the attention she deserves for her status, but we do know that as a child Nancy loved to dance and dreamt of a possible career as a dancer.

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Unfortunately, her fame did not come from her dancing feet, but from her marriage to Leslie Moonves, who as Chairman of the Board of Directors of CBS Corporation was one of the most powerful men in Hollywood for a long time.

Before she met Leslie Moonves, she is said to have attended and graduated from the University of California before embarking on a professional career that eventually led her to Leslie Moonves.

Her current ex-husband, Leslie Moonves, has spent decades in the American entertainment industry and has held various positions, including president of Lorimar Television, working for Warner Bros. Television, and one of the branches of CBS Corporation, CBS Entertainment. It is his popularity as one of the top executives in one of America’s largest media groups that have brought Nancy Wiesenfeld into the limelight through a 26-year marriage.

Net Worth

Her ex-husband, the head of one of the largest TV networks in the country and one of the highest-paid CEOs in the USA, has ensured that he has a net worth of over 700 million dollars. While it is certain that Nancy Wiesenfeld has received a substantial sum from her divorce, her exact net worth is not known. It is assumed that she lives in Los Angeles and that she owns a number of properties.

Nancy Wiesenfeld Relationship with Leslie Moonves

At the moment there is little information on how Nancy Wiesenfeld and Leslie Moonves met, but after a few years of relationship, they were married in December 1978 in a ceremony attended by several people, including her friends and family and industry personalities. Shortly after their marriage, in 1984, their first child, a daughter named Sara Moonves, was born, and after her two other children, Michael and Adam were born.

Nancy Wiesenfeld - Leslie Moonves Ex-Wife: Biography & Net Worth
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For several years Leslie Moonves and Nancy Wiesenfeld lived in harmony in a marriage in which both parties reached the peak of their career, but unfortunately, this was not enough to make them happy forever.

When news of her husband’s infidelity reached her at the time when she was supposedly the last to know about it, it was devastating news for Nancy, and despite attempts to reconcile their relationship and make infidelity a downer in her long marriage, she finally gave up and filed for divorce in 2003, which she completed in 2004.

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After the divorce, Leslie Moonves married his lover Julie Chen, who is employed by CBS Corporation, while Nancy Wiesenfeld has remained single until now.

Other Facts About Nancy Wiesenfeld

Nancy Wiesenfeld has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and a body weight of 55 kg. Her body measurement is 34, 26, and 35 inches for her bust, waist, and hips, respectively.

Her daughter, Sara Moonves is the Style Director at W magazine.

Nancy’s ex-husband, Leslie Moonves was accused of sexual misconduct in July 2018 and has since left his position as the CEO of CBS Corporation.