Nigella Lawson’s Net Worth And How She Makes Money As A Food Writer

Nigella Lawson’s Net Worth And How She Makes Money As A Food Writer

Nigella Lawson’s net worth is quite substantial at the moment, given her undeniably groundbreaking work in the British culinary world. Highly admired for her charming and very youthful appearance, the food expert is an English food journalist and host of a cooking show who has worked extensively on television and has written her own best-selling cookbooks. She is respected for her writing skills and has written several articles for various newspapers and magazines, gaining many enthusiastic readers and fans who follow her at every turn.

After achieving so much success in her career to date, Nigella Lawson’s fortune is always a topic of discussion when fans try to find out how much her work as a food writer has led to financial success. In fact, many fans have wondered how she makes money as a food writer. So what is Nigella Lawson’s net worth at the moment and how does she make money from her career?

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How Nigella Lawson Rose To Prominence

Born on 6 January 1960 in Wandsworth, London, Nigella had a privileged childhood. The food writer was born of wealthy parents; her father is Nigel Lawson, a British journalist, and Conservative politician who represented the constituency of Blaby as a Member of Parliament, and her mother was Vanessa Salmon, a very beautiful woman who happened to be the heiress of J. Lyons and Co, a popular British restaurant chain, food manufacturing, and hotel conglomerate. Apparently, her family is very rich and it is reported that they did indeed maintain houses in Kensington and Chelsea.

Nigella Lawson’s Net Worth And How She Makes Money As A Food Writer
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As a child, Nigella attended Godolphin and Latymer School in London before being admitted to the prestigious University of Oxford. By this time she was already a big fan of writing and dreamed of becoming a food journalist. After graduating from Oxford University, Nigella began working in the literary world when she got a job as a book reviewer in London. During this time she also worked as a restaurant critic. Nigella was so good that she quickly rose to assistant literary editor of the Sunday Times in 1986.

After some time, Nigella Lawson decided to become a freelance journalist and began writing for various magazines and newspapers. Her work for these publications attracted attention throughout Britain and brought her to public attention as a remarkable writer. She soon decided to write and publish her own books. In 1998, Nigella published her first cookery book, How To Eat, which became a bestseller and helped build on her fame as a writer. Since then she has published more books and received awards for her work.

Nigella Lawson’s Net Worth

Considering her very impressive excursion as a food writer, it is obvious that Nigella Lawson’s net worth is quite large at the moment. She has made amazing achievements as a writer of distinction and is currently regarded as one of Britain’s finest culinary writers. So what is Nigella Lawson’s net worth?

Currently, Nigella Lawson’s net worth from various sources is estimated at around $20 million and this figure is expected to rise in the near future as she continues her work writing and publishing impressive culinary materials.

Nigella Lawson’s Net Worth And How She Makes Money As A Food Writer
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It is noteworthy that Nigella makes money as a television writer as well as working as a food writer. She has hosted several cooking television shows, including her own cooking series, Nigella Bites on Channel 4, and other shows she has hosted include Nigella Feasts on Food Network and Nigella Express on BBC Two.

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How Nigella Lawson Makes Money As A Food Writer

Nigella Lawson writes a lot and has published her work in various publications around the world. As a food author, she criticizes various cuisines and gives recommendations, and her work is highly appreciated. Apparently, she is paid for her work. The exact percentage of the money she receives for each of her works that are published in magazines and newspapers remains vague, but it is believed that she earns hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for her published work.

Nigella also earns a lot of money from her book sales. Her first book, How to Eat, sold over 300,000 copies and made her a bestselling author. Apparently, this meant that she gave the bank a big smile. Her second book, How to Be a Domestic Goddess, also became a bestseller and even won her the British Book Award as Author of the Year.

She has also written other books, including Simply Nigella, Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the House, Nigella Summer, and many others. All these published works are highly praised and earn Nigella a lot of money in royalties.