Omari Hardwick Facts About His Wife, Parents & Family

Omari Hardwick Facts About His Wife, Parents & Family

Omari Hardwick is an incredibly talented and artistically accomplished American actor who has become a favorite of movie lovers in America, not only because he is such a great actor, but also because he is a really handsome man whose cute features are much admired by many fans, especially the female ones. Over the years, he has starred in many movies and television series and has delighted fans with his immense talent.

He is best known today for his portrayal of John Hallon in Saved, a medical drama series on television. He is also known for his work in Dark Blue, an action/drama series, and Being Mary Jane, a drama series. He has been nominated for awards and has won several for his amazing ability to interpret roles.

Who Is Omari Hardwick?

Omari Hardwick was born on January 9, 1974. The actor was born in Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia, USA, but grew up in Decatur, another city in Georgia.

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He grew up as a very perceptive and thoughtful child who wrote poetry very often. He also loved sports and took part in various sporting activities. Omari was especially interested in basketball, baseball, and even soccer.

Omari Hardwick Facts About His Wife, Parents & Family
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Omari Hardwick attended the Marist School in Atlanta, Georgia for his high school education. During his time at school, the actor practiced sports and excelled in the above-mentioned sports. He became so good that he eventually received a soccer scholarship at the University of Georgia.

During his time at university, Hardwick was very good at football, but although he was admired for his skills on the field, he never let go of his love of acting and poetry. Eventually, he studied theatre as a minor and refined his craft skills.

After graduating from university, Omari tried to continue his football career, but his dream was abandoned after a serious knee injury, so he eventually switched to acting and rose through the ranks to become a highly respected film star.

Career Accomplishment

When Omari Hardwick first turned to the acting profession it wasn’t easy for him to enter the business. He even had to take some odd jobs to pay for his acting lessons. Sometimes he even had to live in his car while he was looking for film roles.

Omari finally started his acting career in 2002 when he was cast for the role of Lamech in Circles, a love movie. In 2004 he was cast as Dante Ponce in Sucker Free City, a television movie. His big breakthrough came in 2006 when he was cast as John Hallon in Saved.

In 2009 Omari was cast as Ty Curtis in Dark Blue, an action/drama series. His performance was so good that he was nominated for a NAMIC Vision Award. In 2010, he was nominated for the Black Reel Award for Best Groundbreaking Achievement after appearing in For Colored Girls, a drama film.

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Omari Hardwick received one of his biggest roles to date in 2013 when he joined the cast of Being Mary Jane to play Andre Daniels. His acting performance in the series was widely acclaimed and in 2014 he won the Black Reel Award for Outstanding Actor, which was presented for his work in the series.

Over the years he has starred in many other series and feature films and has won the admiration of many Americans.

Omari Hardwick Family (Wife and Kids)

Omari Hardwick Facts About His Wife, Parents & Family
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Omari Hardwick is a happily married man, he is married to a woman who has been identified as Jennifer Pfautch. The exact time when the couple started dating is not clear, but it has been reported that they dated for quite a while before they finally teamed up as man and wife in 2012.

The couple now have two children; they have a son named Brave and a daughter named Nova. Omari loves his family deeply and often talks about them being all he has in the whole wide world.

His Brothers and Parents

Omari Hardwick was born the son of a father identified as Clifford Hardwick IV and a mother named Joyce Hardwick. He is very fond of his parents and has often spoken fondly of what they did to raise him to become what he has become.

The actor grew up with three siblings; two brothers identified as Malik Hardwick and Jamil Hardwick, and a sister identified as Shani Hardwick. However, on a sad note, only Jamil is still alive. His brother Malik and sister Shani passed away at the ages of 45 and 33 respectively. Their deaths left him thoroughly devastated but he has learned to accept the tragedy and move past it.