Paige Hyland Biography, Age, Height And Boyfriend Of The American Dancer

Paige Hyland Biography, Age, Height And Boyfriend Of The American Dancer

A young woman with many talents, Paige Hyland, née Paige Mackenzie Hyland, is best known for her performances in the dance reality show Dance Moms, in which her older sister also appeared. Although the television series is the show that brought her into the limelight, Hyland has become a force to be reckoned with on YouTube, in the dance hall, and in the modeling industry.

The American dancer made it to Dance Moms at the age of nine. However, after a dispute between her mother and the Abby Lee Dance Company (a company that trained Paige from an early age), Hyland left the show after the first two seasons. Her mother had accused Abby of not giving her daughter enough opportunities to thrive in the reality series. She immediately left the show, the dancer returned to the Internet and quickly reactivated her YouTube account, which would later attract thousands of followers, including her fans at Dance Moms. She then filed a lawsuit against the producers of Dance Moms because she had caused her immense stress during the reality show.

Currently, her YouTube account is fast-growing, flourishing, and enjoying more massive success than many people who started before her. She has also continued to grow and improve her dancing skills. Paige dreams of opening her own studio where she can teach people to dance.

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Paige Hyland Biography, Age, Height And Boyfriend Of The American Dancer
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Paige Hyland Biography (Age)

The talented dancer comes from Murrysville in Pennsylvania in the United States. Her mother gave birth on November 1, 2000. Paige has a multiracial background with Irish, English, French, and German roots, while her nationality is American.

As her parents’ last-child, the social media personality was literally raised in a family with deep dance experience. Her father’s name is Randy Hyland and her mother, Kelly Hyland, is a professional dancer who danced for the Abby Miller Dance Company for three decades. Paige’s siblings – Brooke Hyland (older sister) and Josh Hyland (older brother) – are also talented dancers. Like his sisters, Josh is known to many people as a dancer and enthusiastic field hockey player, having danced as a member of the trio Paige and Chloe Lukasiak and Mr. Touchdown (another star of the Dance Moms). He also maintains a warm relationship with his younger sister Paige.

Apart from the time she spends online, dancing, and modeling, Paige has a strong interest in education. She currently receives her high school education at Franklin Regional High School, which is also the same institution where her older siblings graduated. The school is a public high school in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. Paige once told us that she wants to study political science at the university.

The dancer has a net worth of $2 million that comes from her activities on the Internet and television.

Paige Hyland Biography, Age, Height And Boyfriend Of The American Dancer
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Who Is The Boyfriend Of The American Dancer?

A look into the dancer’s love life through her reports on social media shows that it is currently determined by three things. These include – her school life, her girlfriends, and of course her career as a YouTuber.

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Until sometime in 2017, Paige Hyland was in a relationship with a handsome young man named Nick Kelly. The two were known for their recurring relationship, which brought them unnecessary attention from both their fans and the media. On several occasions, they broke up and got back together. However, since the two broke up sometime in 2017, they have continued to develop and now consider themselves “exes”.

If you ask me, the talented YouTuber is still single and probably waiting for her Prince Charming. Her parents have never given her a hand in marriage, and Paige has never given birth to children for a man. She is especially focused on her education and career, which is already paying off.

Paige Hyland Height

As a dancer, model, social media sensation, and former reality star, Paige Hyland undoubtedly has most of the things it takes to stand out in the world of beauty. From her size to other qualities that help people navigate successfully through the entertainment industry, it can be said with great certainty that she was born to impress and win many hearts. Paige stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, which equals 1.73 meters.