Who Is The Real Biological Father Of Paris Jackson? Theories, Facts & Rumors
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How do you deal with a reality in which you grew up as the daughter of the most famous musician of all time and the identity of your biological father is disputed? 99.9% of the people in the world will never have to deal with this problem, but this is the reality of Paris Jackson, the supposed daughter of Michael Jackson. Paris may have been born to fame and fortune, but that did not save her from pain and torment. She lost her father when she was just eleven years old and she had three suicide attempts as a result of a sexual assault that was committed against her when she was 14. Who is Paris Jackson and what is the story behind Paris Jackson’s Biological Father? Read on to learn the facts we know.

Who Is Paris Jackson?

Paris Jackson was born on April 3, 1998, and was baptized Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. Paris Jackson is an American model, actress, and singer. She was born to Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe as Michael’s only daughter and Debbie Rowe’s last child.

The relationship of her parents did not last long after their marriage in 1996. The couple divorced Paris shortly after the birth and Michael was granted full custody of the children. As the child of a pop star, Paris was raised with respect for her identity and with a few public appearances as possible. Even when she was on the road, Michael Jackson often forced her and the other children to wear masks. Her identity was unknown until she appeared at her father’s funeral.

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Who Is The Real Biological Father Of Paris Jackson? Theories, Facts & Rumors
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She attended a private school, the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, and played flag football, softball, and some cheerleading. Her first suicide attempt also occurred during her school years, after which she was taken to the hospital. The attempt was the first of three, and the last attempt caused her guardian, her grandmother Katherine Jackson, to take her to a therapy school in Utah.

It is a step that has benefited Paris ever since because it saved her life and helped her overcome her depression. After her recovery, she began to perform in public and tried to become an actress herself. Her first film story began in 2018 with the movie Gringo, in which she played Nelly.

Paris is also a model under contract with IMG Models. Apart from her father’s wealth, she also inherited her father’s love of music and is a singer with The Sunflowers. The band, which was formed together with Gabriel Glenn, played their first song on June 23, 2018. Paris sings in the band and plays the ukulele at the same time. Her stage name is PK Dragonfly.

The sexuality of Paris was controversial when rumors about her bisexuality were circulating. Later she came out to confirm the rumors and explained that although she was bisexual by the definition of the word, she was not a fan of labels. She has had two relationships, both with men. She dated Chester Castellaw in 2015 and Michael Snoddy in 2016. Both relationships lasted barely a year.

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Paris Jackson’s Biological Father Theories, Facts & Rumors

Who Is The Real Biological Father Of Paris Jackson? Theories, Facts & Rumors
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Michael Jackson’s private life has been in the news pretty much all the time for one reason or another, and it seems that this is a trait that has spread to his only daughter. Apart from her suicide attempts and her sexuality, the identity of her biological father was also the subject of controversy.

It all began when a British actor named Mark Lester came out and declared that he was the sperm donor for the conception of Paris Jackson. The rumor found legs because Debbie Rowe had been an egg donor and had been artificially inseminated before she and Michael married. Lester offered to do a paternity test but was turned down by Michael’s lawyer.

The rumor has created several conspiracies on the Internet, some of which are so wild that they claim she is an Illuminati clone. There are also theories that suggest that Debbie Rowe is not really her mother. These theories may have arisen from Rowe’s lack of presence in Paris Jackson’s life, but that is simply because she gave up custody after her divorce from Michael.

Although there is still no official scientific proof of who Paris Jackson’s Biological Father really is, she was raised by Michael, and the two shared a bond that clearly lives with Paris to this day, and in response to rumors, Paris strongly believes that Michael is her father. The 20-year-old actress proved this with a body covered with several tattoos of her father.