Peta Wilson Biography, Movies and TV Shows
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Peta Wilson is a woman who wears many professional hats. She has worked in the modeling, acting, and design industry and is known as the brain behind the stylish lingerie brand Wylie Wilson. Since the label was launched in early 2012, she has captured a large share of the market and has become the favorite product of many stylish young girls and women. During her modeling career, she has posed for many major brands and magazines, including Details magazine. Peta is known to have been shown in her 1997 October issue only in underwear. Despite the great success, Peta has enjoyed as a model and designer, she is very popular in the film and television scene, where she has had several notable appearances.

Nikita, Jonny Zero, Strangers, The Finder, CSI: Miami, and Two Twisted are some of the projects Peta has been involved in. Her professional resume is full of various roles that she has cast for the screen, such as Superman Returns, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Gardens of the Night, and Beautiful. Peta has received all manner of honors and recognition for her phenomenal performance. Her role in La Femme Nikita was nominated for best actress performance at the Gemini Awards. At the 2013 International Film Festival, she took home the Best Actress Award and was nominated for the Saturn Awards and the OFTA Television Award.

Peta Wilson Biography

The Nikita star was born on 18 November 1970 in a hospital in Sydney, New South Wales. Her parents are Karlene White Wilson and Darcy Wilson. Peta’s father worked in the Australian Army as a Warrant Officer, while her mother worked in the catering industry. She has a sibling, a brother named Rob.

Peta Wilson – Biography, Movies and TV Shows
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She spent most of her growing years in Papua New Guinea because her father was supposed to work there. Things took an unfortunate turn in her family life when her father and mother left each other in 1982.

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Peta Wilson started her career as a model and traveled all over Europe for her work. It wasn’t long before she established herself in the industry and became one of the most sought-after models. Peta decided to broaden her horizons by moving to Los Angeles to study acting at the Actor’s Circle Theatre under the direction of Arthur Mendoza and then with the TomKat Repertory Group and learn from Tom Waits.

After dedicating herself to acting for five years, she made her foray into the industry by taking on a number of small roles in various independent films, which then led to her casting of leading roles in television and film.

Movies and TV Shows

Peta Wilson began her glorious acting career with a number of characters in productions such as Loser and Naked Jane. She then auditioned for a role in a new television show, La Femme Nikita, and proposed over 200 other actors and actresses to cast the main character, Nikita. The show aired for five seasons before it was canceled. It was produced by a mixture of American and Canadian organizations, so the series was filmed in both countries.

Peta played the lead role alongside actors such as Alberta Watson, Roy Dupuis, Eugene Robert, and Don Franks. Her brilliant acting in the series was praised by critics and audiences alike, so it was hardly surprising when the nominations for the award were announced.

Peta Wilson was later cast in the TV movie Joe and Max, in which she played the actress Anny Ondra. Her next role was in 2003 in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen where she played a vampire character named Mina Harker. This was followed by Two Twisted and then Superman Returns in which she played NASA spokeswoman Bobbie-Faye.

Peta Wilson Biography, Movies and TV Shows
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Her other film and television appearances include The Finder, CSI: Miami, The Sadness of Sex, One of Our Own, Gardens of the Night, Errand Boy, Somewhere Tonight, Dutch Kills and Liberator, a short film that helped her win the Best Actress Award at the 2013 International Film Festival.

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Other Facts About Peta Wilson

1. Peta owns a flagship store for her sensational lingerie line, Wylie Wilson, which is located in the City of Angels: Los Angeles, California.

2. The Australian film goddess was formerly involved with Damian Harris, a popular director, but they broke up in 2002 after five years together.

3. She has a son, Marlowe Harris-Wilson, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Damian.

4. She has legs that go on forever thanks to her impressive height of 1.5 meters and 10 inches.

5. Vladimir Putin is a big fan of Peta Wilson’s acting, and she got to meet the Russian President in 2001 when she was invited to the International Film Festival which was held in Moscow that year.