Peter Chao Biography, Wife or Girlfriend of The YouTuber
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Peter Chao is one of those stars who earn their living just by making people laugh. The energetic YouTube star with an astonishing charisma discovered his creative talent early on and eagerly began pursuing a career as a comedian. Given the many problems so prevalent in our society today, Chao believes that his comedic passion is the best antidote that can help people cope with life’s stresses. Discover how this creative little Chinese kid, once teased at school, has become a YouTube star with millions of fans around the world.

Peter Chao Biography

The Canadian Davin Tong was welcomed to the world on 8 May 1987. There is little information about his parents, his family background and his education. However, it is no secret that David is the younger of two sons of Chinese immigrants. Tong discovered his comedic talents early on when he grew up in his hometown of New Brunswick. Not only did Peter Chao always make his family and friends laugh, but he also made the public laugh at a very young age.

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Like most millennia, David Tong decided to take advantage of the digital world to showcase his comic talents to a wider audience. In 2010 he started his career as a comedian on YouTube and the character Peter Chao was born. The Canadian comedian Vlogger became famous on the platform and became an instant internet sensation by playing and performing different characters on YouTube. He is famous for his unconventional, humorous content, mostly depicting Asian stereotypes while defying political correctness.

Peter Chao Biography, Wife or Girlfriend of The YouTuber
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Despite the mixed reviews that his plot has received from various sides over the years, Chao does not hesitate to cross controversial boundaries and is gaining more and more fans in the social media sphere. Almost a decade later, the Canadian comedian, whose humor was originally misunderstood by many, boasts a strong audience and fan base. He currently has almost one million subscribers and over 200 million views on his YouTube channel. In addition to his famous YouTube channel, Peter Chao has also built a strong fan base on other social networking sites. Fans can connect with the Canadian comedian through his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Peter Chao loves to act and play different characters, and it’s no surprise that he has eyes in the mainstream entertainment industry. The YouTuber enjoys the art of creating content, and one of his life and career goals is to work either behind or in front of the camera. In addition to his hopes of playing characters in movies or television shows, Chao is also working to own his own show on a digital streaming platform. In fact, Chao already has credits. In collaboration with Travis Grant, the duo created a short film Paper Trail.

Is Peter Chao Married or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Since he came into the spotlight, Peter Chao has conspicuously concealed many details of his personal life. The closest thing Chao’s love life fans had in the early days of his career was his on-screen relationship with his YouTube girlfriend, Linda Dong. But the fans were later shocked when Peter revealed that he has a beautiful wife named Chelsea McGeachy. While the revelation may be a hard fact for many fans, chaotic posts and vlogs could well be a clue to the obvious.

Peter Chao Biography, Wife or Girlfriend of The YouTuber
Image source

Peter has been discreet about the details of his marriage and kept his wife out of the spotlight. It is therefore uncertain whether the couple has children and whether there are plans to produce any in the near future. Nevertheless, it is assumed that the couple is getting stronger day by day. Before Chelsea, there’s no record of Chaos dating history.

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Facts About The YouTuber

1. Given his Asian roots, it is not surprising that Peter Chao is bilingual He speaks both Cantonese and English fluently.

2. As already indicated, Chao has built a strong and loyal fan base in social media. His fans affectionately refer to themselves as the “Chao Nation”.

3. Not many people know that Peter Chao is also a sports fan and a big pro wrestling fan.

4. David Tong is also known for his great sense of fashion. He discovered the importance of good looks at the birth of the character Peter Chao and is proud of fashion today.

5. Among many other industry big wigs, Peter Chao considers Dave Chapelle as one of his all-time favorite comedians. According to the YouTuber, he admires Chappelle’s acts because of his ability to tell stories effortlessly while also sharing meaningful opinions about sensitive issues.