Rap Monster of BTS Biography and Facts About The South Korean Singer

Rap Monster of BTS Biography and Facts About The South Korean Singer

With his thoughtful lyrics and silky smooth rap flow, Rap Monster is one of the most promising Asian rappers. The young, talented South Korean star, although relatively new to the industry, has created a unique space for himself. Since the beginning of his music career in 2013, his star has risen both in Korea and internationally. He has worked with such renowned stars as Warren G, Falls Out Boy, Wale, Gaeko, Primary, MFBTY, and Krizz.

Biography of Rap Monster of BTS

Although he is popularly known by his stage name RM, which is derived from Rap Monster, the rapper was born Kim Nam-Joon on 12 September 1994 in Ilsan-gu, South Korea. The rapper spent much of his childhood in his hometown, where he received his early education with his three siblings.

In his fifth grade, he developed a passion for music after listening to the South Korean hip-hop group Epik High. His taste in music soon changed to rap when his high school teacher introduced him to award-winning American rapper Eminem. Being a highly brilliant child, the parents of Rap Monster made it difficult for him to continue his musical career. The couple wanted him to focus on education, while the rapper did not want any distractions from the lessons. Later they agreed that he could pursue his dream without dropping out of school. In 2009 he became an idol intern and also a student at Global Cyber University, where he majored in radio and performing arts. During his extensive training, he was chosen to work with a K-Pop group called BTS, also known as Bangtan Boy. In 2013, after taking the name Rap Monster, he debuted his music career with the group.

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The group released their debut album entitled 2Cool 4 Skool with the hit song No More Dream, which was a huge success. Soon he became the main rapper and leader of the all-boy music group. Since then he has written engaging and original lyrics for the group. In addition, his efforts as leader of the group ensured the group great opportunities, which included working with some famous producers such as Warren G.

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Between 2014 and 2016, he worked with famous Korean and foreign artists to release many singles and amazing rap videos, including Bucku Buku and Please Don’t Die. He also worked with Marvel to produce the soundtrack for the Fantastic Four.

In 2017, he changed his name to RM, quoting that Rap Monster does not represent his true personality and values.

In 2018, his second mixtape mono was placed at #26 on the Billboard 200 charts, putting the album at #26 on the Billboard 200 charts by a Korean soloist. For his growing fame, the talent appeared in the American magazine XXL as one of the fastest rising stars in South Korea. He was also named among the leading hip hop artists in the Korean book HipHop Hada.

Facts About Rap Monster

He was a very bright student

During his school days, Rap Monster was one of the top performers at the national school exams. He also has a very high IQ of 148 and one of the many exam successes he achieved was a score of over 900 on the TOEIC.

He wanted to be a security guard

As a child RM loved uniforms, and as such he wished he was a security guard for a housing company so he could wear uniforms. He hardly knew that life had other plans for him.


Rap Monster doesn’t seem to be going out with anyone at the moment, and his marital status is single. He is currently focusing on building his musical career. Should he have a girlfriend in the future who is not in the entertainment industry, he would have to apologize daily for his tight schedule, according to the Korean artist. The moment hasn’t come yet, but the rapper has revealed what his ideal wife would look like. Accordingly, she has to be tall, female, smart, and with a flawless voice.

Awards and achievements

Rap Monster has received several awards for his remarkable performance. Awards include Golden Disk Awards, Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and Melon Music Awards.

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He is impressively fast at learning languages

Rap Monster is a multilingual monster. Besides his mother tongue, he also speaks Japanese and English. It is interesting to know that he is fluent in English after learning the language from the American TV series Friends. He improved through self-instruction and a short study in New Zealand.

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Net worth

Rap Monster is quickly gaining a strong presence in the rap scene, as is his finances. His net worth is estimated at $8.3 million – an amount higher than the income of some mainstream artists.

His height and weight

Rap Monster is 182 cm (5ft 11in) height the tallest member of BTS. He weighs 61kg (148lbs).

Social media

RM has an active presence in social media. He uses various platforms to interact with his fans from Korea and beyond.