Richard Dreyfuss Bio, Son, Net Worth, Spouse or Wife, Children, Family
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Richard Dreyfuss may not have the most famous name or face in Hollywood, although his repertoire of works suggests that he does, as he was once the youngest recipient of an Oscar for Best Actor. The New York-born actor, who also has a Golden Globe and a BAFTA award in his collection, is best known for his appearances in films such as Jaws (1975) and Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995).

Richard Dreyfuss Biography

Richard Dreyfuss was born in Brooklyn, New York, on October 29, 1947, the son of Richard Stephen Dreyfus and Geraldine and Norman Dreyfus, the son of Jewish parents. Dreyfuss spent his formative years in New York and then in Europe before returning to the United States at the age of nine and living in Los Angeles, California.

At a young age, while attending Beverly Hills High School, Dreyfuss began learning how to act at the Westside Jewish Community Center and the Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills Arts Center. When he was 15 years old, he got his first acting job in the television production of In Mama’s House.

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After graduating high school, Dreyfuss enrolled at San Fernando Valley State College, now California State University, Northridge. After a year at college, Dreyfuss left school to continue his acting career, as he also worked in the substitute service as a hospital employee after he refused to serve in the Vietnam War on grounds of conscience. He appeared in a number of small television roles before moving to New York to perform on and off-Broadway.

Richard Dreyfuss Bio, Son, Net Worth, Spouse or Wife, Children, Family
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After Richard Dreyfuss made a few small and insignificant appearances in a number of films, he managed to land his first major film roles in 1973, first in the gangster movie Dillinger and then in the comedy American Graffiti, which earned him a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor. His performances in these films earned him the lead role in The Apprenticeship of DuddyKravitz (1974), which earned him more praise for his performance. In the years that followed, Dreyfuss starred in the films The Great White Shark (1975) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), directed by Steven Spielberg, as well as in The Goodbye Girl (1977), for whose performance he received an Academy and Golden Globe Award.

More recently, after fighting drug use in the late 1970s and 1980s and then giving up acting for a while, Dreyfuss appeared in films such as Nuts (1987), The Education of Max Bickford (2001-02), and The Old Man Who Read Love Stories (2001), including television and theater roles.

Family – Spouse, Wife, Children

Richard Dreyfuss is currently in his third marriage. The actor, who won the 1979 BAFTA Prize for Best Leading Actor, was first married to Jeramie Rain, an actress who became a screenwriter and producer and is best known for her leading roles in The Last House on the Left (1972) and Preacherman Meets Widderwoman (1973). Dreyfuss and Rain exchanged their vows in 1983 and were married for 12 years before separating in 1995. Together they had three children: Emily, born in 1983, Benjamin, born in 1986, and Harry, born in 1990.

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Four years after the end of his first marriage, Dreyfuss married Janelle Lacey on May 30, 1999. According to reports, the two met one year earlier, in 1998, before they decided to take the bold step of committing themselves. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only six years for both parties before they divorced. Dreyfuss seemed to have moved quickly away from his second wife when, just one year later, in 2006, he married the Russian-born American Swetlana Erochin for the third time.


Richard Dreyfuss Bio, Son, Net Worth, Spouse or Wife, Children, Family
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The eldest son of Richard Dreyfuss, Benjamin Dreyfuss, is a journalist and actor. He is best known for the role of the young Bernie Madoff in the ABC mini-series Madoff (2016). On the journalistic side of his career, he has worked for the investigative reportage magazine and the Mother Jones website, where he is said to have made it attractive for millennia.

Benjamin Dreyfuss is blind in his left eye. He was born with a rare genetic eye disease called Peters’ Anomaly, which he had to undergo surgery as a child to correct. The less than one-year-old baby underwent 23 eye surgeries that were unsuccessful and resulted in his complete loss of sight in this eye.

Richard Dreyfuss Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Richard Dreyfuss has an estimated net worth of $5 million. The actor is said to have made most of his fortune from his career in front of the camera, but he has been credited with co-authoring a novel with popular science fiction writer Harry Turtledove, which is said to have earned him a good payday.