Rila Fukushima Biography & Facts About The Japanese Fashion Model
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Rila Fukushima is an interesting person who has had an interesting career. As a model and then an actress, she first started out as a model agency and eventually became a model herself. Then she became an actress who became famous for her roles in movies like The Wolverine and the TV series The Spirit in the Shell. Just as her professional career was quite interesting, her private life was also very interesting.

Rila Fukushima Biography

The model and actress were born on January 16, 1989, in her home country Japan. She grew up in Tokyo, where she was also trained. During her childhood and youth Rila always had the goal of becoming a model in mind. This dream would later lead her to New York in the hope that she would soon find her way as a professional model.

But in 2010 she soon moved back to Japan because her mother was not in the best of health and she wanted to take care of her. Rila Fukushima set out to get a job in a modeling agency. Although she got the job, she was convinced that she would be a good model and so she could think about it. She accepted the offer and this was the beginning of her journey as a model.

Rila Fukushima Biography & Facts About The Japanese Fashion Model
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Born in Tokyo, this multi-talented woman has been on the cover of numerous magazines and has run campaigns for a variety of brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, and The Gap.

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In 2010 she appeared in the short film Karma: A Very Twisted Love Story, in which she portrayed Rei. This was followed by her famous role of Yukio in The Wolverine in 2013 and then Twilight: Saya in Sasara in 2014, and in 2015 she was in Gonin Saga and Warrior. Among the next films in which she appeared are Terra Formars (2016), Ghost in the Shell (2017), and then Honeybees and Distant Thunder (2019).

In addition to the movies, she has also appeared in a number of television series, including Gunshi Kanbei and The Long Farewell in 2014, Arrow, one of her most popular series from 2014 to 2016, and in 2015 she was given the role of the Red Priestess in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. In 2017 and 2018, she appeared in Million Yen Women and Blindspot, respectively.

When Rila Fukushima, a highly creative person, graduated from high school, she went to music school where she spent two years before starting out as a model and actress. Interestingly enough, although she has been involved with many things, music in the professional sense is not one.

With all her achievements, she was voted Woman of the Year by Vogue Japan in 2013.

Other Facts To Know About Rila Fukushima

1. Marvel and DC Projects

You wouldn’t find too many actors who have done work for both Marvel and DC projects. One of the few who have worked with both is Fukushima. With Marvel Studios, she worked on The Wolverine, where she portrayed Yukio, and then for DC Comics, the talented actress appeared in the television series Arrows.

Rila Fukushima Biography & Facts About The Japanese Fashion Model
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2. Dating and Relationships

As for her love life, Rila Fukushima has maintained a notoriously private life about which not much is known. Yet she is still not married. The only rumored relationship between the actress and the model was with Naoto Takenaka. As things stand, she is believed to be single.

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3. Height and Weight

Fukushima is a beautiful woman with a slim build and a good height, which has helped her to succeed as a model. The Japanese actress stands 1.7 meters and has a body weight of 53 kg.

4. Rila Fukushima Net Worth

With so much she has accomplished as a model and actress, Rila Fukushima’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. She has made her fortune from her successful acting career in her home country Japan and Hollywood, but also from her income as a model and from her numerous campaigns with various brands.

5. Social Media Presence

She has a pretty impressive presence in social media with almost 130 thousand followers on Instagram, while on Twitter she has almost 20 thousand followers. The Rila has a strong fan base both in her home country and internationally.