Robert Ellis Silberstein (Tracee Ellis Ross’ Father) Children & Net Worth

Robert Ellis Silberstein (Tracee Ellis Ross’ Father) Children & Net Worth

How well do you know Robert Ellis Silberstein? He is a renowned American music manager and businessman who has made a name for himself in the industry and has worked with top names in the entertainment industry. Especially in the 70s and 80s, he made some waves when he managed some of the rave-making artists in America. He is credited with taking the music careers of many renowned singers to the next level.

In addition to his work as a music manager, Robert is also known as the ex-husband of world-famous American singer Diana Ross and as the father of children who are also popular entertainers, including Tracee Ellis Ross. He has succeeded in raising a family of visionary performers and winning the admiration of many people.

We have been able to dig up some facts about this industry veteran for your reading pleasure. See more details about him.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Bio

Robert Ellis Silberstein was born on 5 January 1946. The music director was born in Elberon, a city in New Jersey, USA, where his family grew up.

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Not much is known about who Robert’s parents are. Their identities have remained vague over the years. However, it has been reported that they were business friends and also wealthy. Not much is known about Robert’s childhood, and it is not known whether he has any siblings with whom he grew up in Elberon.

Robert Ellis Silberstein attended the University of West Virginia, although what he studied was not disclosed. Also, records of his elementary and high school education are unknown. One thing that is known about Robert is that he has a strong will and usually knew what he wanted and pursued it.

Facts About Tracee Ellis Ross’ Father

He Was Born Into A Wealthy Family

Although not much is known about the early years of Robert Ellis Silberstein, it is known that he had a privileged childhood because he was born into a wealthy family. According to reports, his family was involved in the business of making Jewish clothing in Elberon and this made them quite rich.

Apparently, as a small American child, Robert had everything he wanted as a child and grew up to make his own name as a music manager.

His Career

After he graduated from the University of West Virginia, Robert tried his hand at teaching. He reportedly received a teaching assignment at the same university where he graduated and taught there for several years before quitting. Then he decided to go into the music business.

As a music manager, Robert made a lot of fuss in the ’70s after he started managing some rave artists. It is known that he managed top names in the music industry, including Diana Ross, an American singer, and actress who became very famous all over the world. Diana was later to become his wife.

Robert also managed Ronnie Wood, an English singer who is a member of the famous rock band Rolling Stones. He also managed Billy Preston, an American RnB musician, as well as Chaka Khan, another famous American singer, and songwriter who has gained great recognition all over the world.

Robert’s work as an artist manager made him quite famous because he was associated with all the big names in the business.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Marriage To Diana Ross

Robert Ellis Silberstein (Tracee Ellis Ross’ Father) Children & Net Worth
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Robert Ellis Silberstein is known for his marriage to the world-famous singer Diana Ross, who shook the world with her sound. The couple met in the late 60s and developed an interest in each other. They started dating and soon decided to take things to the next level.

Robert and Diana Ross entered into a life-long bond as husband and wife in the presence of family and friends on January 20, 1971. The couple, head over heels in love, soon had children together.

The couple stayed together from 1971 to 1977, when they finally divorced. The exact reason for their divorce is not certain, but fortunately, they have remained friends since their separation.

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His Children Are All Into Show Business

The marriage between Robert Ellis Silberstein and Diana Ross produced two children. On October 29, 1972, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Tracee Ellis Ross. On November 4, 1975, their second child, a daughter named Chudney Ross, was born.

Robert also has a former stepdaughter named Rhonda Ross Kendrick, who is the child of Diana Ross from a previous relationship with Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown, one of America’s most famous record labels. Robert took Rhonda as his own child and raised her with Diana. To this day they still love each other.

The children of Robert Ellis Silberstein are all in show business. His first daughter, Tracee, is a very popular American actress, comedian, model, and TV presenter. His second daughter, Chudney, is a television producer, and even his stepdaughter, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, is a popular singer. The whole family has been in show business for some time and is still strong.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Net Worth

It is not surprising that Robert Ellis Silberstein earned a lot of money as an artist manager in the 70s and 80s. He managed some of the biggest names in the music industry and became quite famous and apparently made some money in the process. Over the years he also had several other business connections.

Currently, Robert Ellis Silberstein’s net worth is estimated at about $50 million from various sources.