Samantha Thomas WIki, Age, Height and Other Facts About Ellen Page’s Ex-Partner

Samantha Thomas – WIki, Age, Height and Other Facts About Ellen Page’s Ex-Partner

Samantha Thomas is a highly regarded artist who is revered for her unique work, which involves the use of paint, enamel, sandpaper, and thread. Although she made a name for herself in the art world, not many people knew much about her until it was reported that she was in a relationship with actress Ellen Page. Since then, the two have gone their separate ways, but Thomas has managed to remain relevant and she is trying to take her career to greater heights. Read on to learn more about her.

Who is Samantha Thomas and How Old is She?

While her exact date of birth is not known, Samantha Thomas was welcomed to the world in 1980 in McAllen, Texas. While it is obvious that she is ethnically white, other details about her background and the identity of her parents are not known to the public. However, her father is said to be a businessman, while her mother is an artist.

From a very young age, Thomas showed signs of being an artist. She is said to have spent much of her time learning art from her mother and dreamed of becoming an artist in the future. In order to realize her dream, she turned down a golf scholarship at the University of Tulsa and instead moved to Los Angeles and enrolled at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena to study art.

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Samantha Thomas would later make a name for herself in the art world, with most of her work being praised by some of America’s best artists. Her work has also been shown in a number of solo and two-person exhibitions around the world, including Anat Ebgi in Los Angeles, RH Contemporary in New York, and Galerie Dominique Fiat in Paris.

How Tall is She?

As you can tell by looking at her booth at everyone she meets, Samantha Thomas is quite tall, about five centimeters taller than the average American woman, who measures 4 inches at 5 feet, while standing 9 inches (179 cm) at 5 feet. While her weight was reported as 60kg or 132lbs, her other body measurements are unknown.

Samantha Thomas WIki, Age, Height and Other Facts About Ellen Page’s Ex-Partner
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Facts About Ellen Page’s Ex-Partner, Samantha Thomas

1. Relationship with Ellen Page

Samantha Thomas and Ellen Page reportedly began dating after being introduced to each other by mutual friends at a party in Los Angeles in 2015. The relationship was kept secret for about six months until the couple decided to go public by walking the red carpet side by side at the premiere of Page’s film Freeheld (2015) at the Toronto International Film Festival.

About a year before the world knew they were a couple, Page had just come out as gay after saying so during a speech at the Time to Thrive human rights campaign conference in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day 2014.

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Since announcing their relationship to the world, the two seem nothing less than perfect for each other. Despite the somewhat significant age difference between the two of them, as Thomas is seven years older than Page, the two seemed to fit together very well and were very supportive of their individual careers. They were often seen visiting each other at their workplaces, with Page always careful to visit exhibitions in art galleries, while Thomas attends film premieres and occasionally comes to the set to spend some time with her partner. They were also not afraid to publish pictures of their partners on social media.

2. Her separation from Ellen Page

This all came to an end sometime in 2017 when it became known that the two are no longer together. It is not clear what the reason for the breakup was, but Page seemed to move away from Samantha Thomas very quickly, as it was soon reported that she was dating dancer and choreographer Emma Portner. The two new lovebirds have since married, while Thomas has not revealed who she is seeing if she has distanced herself from her ex-partner at all.

3. Hobbies

Samantha Thomas lives an exciting life and her favorite pastime is surfing. In an interview, she once said that she starts her day with a surf ride. The artist, who loves spending time on the beach and catching a wave, often documents her adventures in social media. Some of the places she has surfed include Malibu and Venice Beach in Los Angeles, the island of Ibiza, Spain, and the island of Hawaii.

4. Samantha Thomas is a Dog Lover

Thomas is a great dog lover and she has a dog named Patters, which she treats and keeps for her child.