Sara Sidner CNN Career, Age, Husband & Family

Sara Sidner CNN Career, Age, Husband & Family

Sara Sidner is a popular news correspondent for CNN and Jerusalem-based CNN International. She has earned so much prestige through hard work and her golden voice, which always captivates viewers to the television screen. As a reward for her coverage of some horrific topics of international interest such as the Mumbai terrorist attack and the Libyan civil war, the on-air correspondent has received numerous awards such as the Asian TV Awards, the Telly, and Emmy Award. Find out all the facts about the heroic journalist that you do not yet know.

Sara Sidner Biography & Age

Sara Sidner was born on March 31, 1972, in Miami Lakes, Florida, and was raised by her American mother and her father, who is African-American. Sara attended Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School and then enrolled at the University of Florida, where she specialized in telecommunications. During her stay at the university, Sara enjoyed her time with the university’s women’s volleyball team. In her final year, she even helped her team reach the last four places.

Career-wise, Sara Sidner worked as a reporter for WUFT-TV in Gainesville, Florida. After gaining first-hand experience and working in the broadcast house, she moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouri to work for KFVS-TV. She also worked for WINK-TV in Fort Myers before moving to Dallas, Texas to work for KDFW-TV as a consumer reporter/announcer. Her stay here lasted 3 years. Working for Dallas-based local television had a huge impact on her life as it brought out the best in her as a reporter. Throughout her three years at KDFW-TV, Sara was characterized by hard work and dedication to her job. One of the remarkable reports that brought her into the spotlight was the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

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In January 2004, she moved to Columbia, where she worked both as a weekday reporter and weekend co-host for Oakland-based KTVU Channel 2. While she was busy gaining some experience as a reporter, she also received a number of awards for her good work. Her awards include the Regional Emmy Award, the Lone Star Award, and the Associated Press Awards.

Sara Sidner CNN Career, Age, Husband & Family
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CNN Career

Sara Sidner took a big step in her career in 2007 when she joined CNN as an international correspondent in Jerusalem, New Delhi, and Abu Dhabi. Sara Sidner also reported on several controversial topics ranging from social and cultural issues to business and terrorism. This prompted her to travel around the world. She traveled to Afghanistan, Libya, Nepal, Cambodia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Thailand, Egypt, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Her team received the Peabody Award for their participation in CNN coverage of the Arab Spring in the Middle East. She also received the Performance of the Year Award from the British SKY WFTV Women in Film & Television for her coverage of the Libyan War.

Between 2011 and 2014, Sara Sidner received several awards for her courageous work in the most war-torn places in the world. She has received two Asian television awards for exposing the dangers faced by young beggars in Bangladesh and for her coverage of the so-called “Operation Hope”. Two Alliance for Women in Media Gracie Awards were also presented to Sarah Sidner in 2013 for her coverage of the troubled Gaza-Israel conflict that began in 2012. Although she is in danger as a reporter, Sara remains committed to her work. In addition to her numerous awards, the CNN reporter enjoys a tasty salary ranging from $88,000 to $187,000, and her net worth is estimated at $3 million.

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Sara Sidner’s Husband and Family

Despite her very busy career, which often keeps her away from home, the beautiful journalist still manages to maintain a loving family. Apart from her parents, about whom we don’t know much, Sara is also married to her husband, whose identity she has not yet revealed to the public. On a talk show in March 2015, she not only talked about her married life but also revealed how much her profession has influenced her married life. In fact, she revealed that her marriage plans were made during her stay in Africa about the Libyan crisis. Sara Sidner may be a very vocal person, but not in terms of her private life. It is obvious that she prefers the world to know only about her professional life and nothing more.