Sergio Dipp Parents, Siblings & Facts About Mexican Sportscaster

Sergio Dipp Parents, Siblings & Facts About Mexican Sportscaster

Sergio Dipp is a very entertaining Mexican sports reporter, who has earned a lot of respect with his knowledge of sports matters. His work with the best media houses has led him to fame over the years, and today many fans follow his every move in social media. As he has been in love with sports since childhood, it is not surprising that he has found his way into sports reporting.

Sergio Dipp now works as a sports presenter for ESPN Deportes and ESPN International. He also works as a moderator for ESPN in the SportsCenter. His work has made him popular with sports enthusiasts, especially American football lovers. We have dug up some facts about this sportscaster for your reading pleasure. Learn more about his life and career.

Sergio Dipp Biography

Sergio Dipp was born on the 23rd day of July 1988 in Mexicali, the capital of the state of Baja California in northern Mexico. His full birth name is reportedly Sergio Alejandro Dipp Walthe. Sergio was a very lively child who grew up in Mexico and played sports with peers. After spending part of his early days in Mexicali, Sergio Dipp later moved to Monterrey, the capital and largest city of Nuevo León, another state in Mexico. Here he attended college.

The name of the institution where Sergio Dipp completed his college education is not known, but we do know that he majored in communications during his school years. During his stay in Mexico, he was also an active sportsman, playing American football and even being listed as a defensive player.

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Who Are His Parents and Siblings?

Sergio Dipp was born as the son of one Sergio Alejandro Dipp Félix and a mother named Irene Walther. He loves his parents and has talked about how they positively influenced him as a child and helped him grow into the man he has become.

The sports reporter has two sisters with whom he grew up in Mexico. His sisters have been identified as María Irene Dipp Walther and Montserrat Dipp Walther, and the three share a very close bond.

Facts About The Mexican Sportscaster

Sportscasting Career

After graduating from college, Sergio Dipp started his career as a sports reporter when he got a job at Milenio Television, a Mexican cable news channel. Sergio Dipp was hired by the television station to work with the station’s sports department. During his time at Milenio Television, he gained a lot of experience and became the channel of choice for many sports enthusiasts who fell in love with his personality and reporting style. He gained a lot of fans in Mexico and established himself as an important sports reporter.

Later Sergio left Milenio TV and joined Multimedios Deportes, another Mexican media group. During his time at Multimedios Deportes, he began to go out even more and cover sports events such as the NBA All-Star Game and the Super Bowl. He also reported on games of the Mexican national soccer team and the 2012 Olympic Games in London. At that time, he was already a familiar face in the Mexican sports business.

In 2013 Sergio Dipp got his dream job when he was hired by ESPN to work for his Spanish colleague, ESPN Deportes. This new job excited him very much, as it gave him the opportunity to explore the boundaries of sports even further. Soon he began covering major sporting events for ESPN shows; he covered the Raiders’ game against the Patriots in Mexico City for NFL Live and the ESPN Sunday Countdown.

Monday Night Football Appearance

In 2017, an incident in which Sergio Dipp broke his line succeeded in making him even more famous worldwide. At that time he was given the opportunity to appear as a side-reporter on Monday Night Football, a live television broadcast of the weekly National Football League games on ESPN. This made him very euphoric, as it was the first time in his career that he got the opportunity to appear on Monday Night Football, so he prepared himself very well for this task.

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Sergio Dipp Parents, Siblings & Facts About Mexican Sportscaster
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But on D-Day, as he reported from the sidelines in the first quarter of the game, Sergio seemed to fidget and even stumble over his words as he tried to give an update on Vance Joseph, one of the team’s coaches. When the sports fans saw what was happening, Sergio immediately became a sensation on the internet when people started sharing the video of him stumbling over his words.

Sergio Dipp later came up through social media and raised the issue, joking about his flop and the internet fell in love with him all the more.

Sergio Dipp Net worth

Apparently, Sergio Dipp was able to accumulate a certain amount of wealth during his career as a sports reporter. He has worked with various media companies, grown professionally, and covered major sporting events around the world. It is expected that his efforts have earned him a lot of money over time.

According to some reports, the average salary of ESPN reporters is between $85,000 and $100,000. Apparently, Sergio Dipp’s salary is in that range. However, his exact net worth is still under investigation.