SG Lewis Biography, Family, Facts About The Musical Artist

SG Lewis Biography, Family, Facts About The Musical Artist

SG Lewis is a multi-talent in music. He is a high-flyer, songwriter, singer, and DJ, who has made his way to the top of the music world. Placed in the class of people like Pharrell Williams, who has since become a fan of the young producer, Lewis is one of the highest-rated producers in the UK. One of the amazing things about the multi-talented music star is that he is committed to the wave of a new kind of dance music. Below you will learn more about him and his career, and you will also learn about his family.

SG Lewis Biography

SG Lewis was born on July 9, 1994, in Liverpool, England. In contrast to many others who started music at a very young age, Lewis grew up in a family that was in no way musically inclined. However, he fell in love with the arts when he started watching MTV, which drove him to play in bands when he was still in secondary school. Nevertheless, from the beginning, his main goal was to become a producer, as he never thought that performing was something he would like to do. More than that, he describes himself as someone who is rather introverted and whose comfort zone is to be in the background.

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SG Lewis’ path to becoming an electronics producer and music star was not easy, because apart from the fact that his family was not musically inclined, so were his friends. When he formed his first band called Superheroes, it was up to him to maintain the band that consisted of some of his friends. They spent just five minutes practicing music and then switched to PlayStation, which took them hours.

SG Lewis – Biography, Family, Facts About The Musical Artist
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At first, his age made it difficult for him to get access to the clubs, so he started learning how to produce on his own using video tutorials. From there he began his solo career, and in just a few years SG Lewis went from being an underground kid musician to a mainstream star who performed in London clubs trying to create something extraordinary.

He released his EP Shivers in 2015, followed by Yours in 2016, and then two chapters of this trilogy EP, Dusk and Dark. Dusk is expected to fall soon.


Much about the family of SG Lewis remains very much in the dark. As already mentioned, the only thing known about his family is that they have no musical inclination. Nevertheless, the family has offered him all the support he needs for his chosen career.

It is known that he has a younger brother whose name is Joshua Lewis. The younger Lewis is an actor who studied drama, singing, and dance.

For the time being, SG Lewis still has to start his own family, since he is not married yet. In fact, there is nothing in public about who he is with at the moment.

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Facts About The Musical Artist

SG Lewis – Biography, Family, Facts About The Musical Artist
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1. He was a weird kid

When he was growing up, SG Lewis was a pretty strange kid who spent most of his time locked in his room playing guitar. From then on he switched to DJing and other things.

2. SG Lewis is signed to PMR Records

The British singer is under contract with Ben and Daniel Parmar’s PMR Records. Lewis was still a student in Liverpool when he signed the contract. It all seemed like a dream to him, because the label is one of his favorite labels, signed by people like Disclosure and Jessie Ware.

3. He studied engineering and sound 

When SG Lewis went to school in Liverpool, he studied engineering and sound engineering. When you consider that he is a big producer and singer today, you might think he was good at things like sound engineering, but the truth is that he was really terrible in that respect.

4. Lewis has a brother who is an actor

As mentioned above, the singer and music producer has a younger brother who is an actor. He has appeared on television, in stage productions, and in films. Joshua, who began acting in school, attended the Identity School of Acting where he studied professional group acting, Unseen Drama School, and Jackie Palmer Academy where he spent a year to complete an acting course. He has appeared in the television production The Making of Oscar Wilde (2018), the theater production Fox Hunt (2018), and the film What Happened to Evie (2017), among others.