Shannon Spake Age, Height & Salary / Career Achievements

Shannon Spake – Age, Height & Salary / Career Achievements

Shannon Spake is an American sports reporter who has become a familiar face among athletes in the USA. She is known for being strong-willed and full of life, and her reporting style, described as ‘enthusiastic’, has won her many fans over the years. Shannon has always been a sports enthusiast and it is not surprising that she has become a sports reporter who has made a name for herself in the field.

After working as a reporter for various media houses, Spake now works as a correspondent for NASCAR, an American auto racing sanctioning and operating company. She also works as a basketball reporter for Fox Sports, a division of the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Shannon Spake Bio & Age

Shannon Spake was born on the 23rd day of July in 1976. The sports actress was born and raised by her parents in Sunrise, a city in Florida, USA. Her full name at birth was revealed as Shannon Marie Speacht.

Shannon Spake Age, Height & Salary / Career Achievements
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Shannon was born to a father identified as Don Specht, with whom she shares a special bond. Don has reportedly worked with Air Florida. Shannon has often talked about how the man-made her childhood very interesting by taking her to many interesting places, including the University of Miami-Notre Dame game at the 1987 Orange Bowl. Very little is known about other members of Shannon’s family.

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When she was growing up, the journalist was diagnosed with scoliosis, a disease that causes a lateral curvature of the spine. Shannon was diagnosed with this disease just before puberty and it threatened to prevent her from engaging in any athletic activity. However, she was finally operated on at the age of 13.

Shannon attended Piper High School, a public secondary school in Sunrise, Florida. After undergoing surgery to correct her scoliosis, she participated actively in competitive swimming throughout high school. After graduating high school, she attended Florida Atlantic University. After graduation, she made a great career as a journalist.

Career Achievements and Salary

Shannon Spake began her journalistic journey in 1999 with an internship with Neil Rogers, the popular radio talk show host of WQAM in Miami. In the same year, she rose to become an assistant coordinator for on-air promotion at Nickelodeon.

In 2000, Shannon joined CBS News where she worked as a correspondent. She continued to work with CBS until 2002, gaining extensive experience. The next year Shannon took a job as a production assistant at Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, an investigative sports news series on HBO. During this time, she also worked as a freelance producer on several specialty TV projects, including the VH1 Fashion Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and CBS’ The NFL Today.

The journalist soon got a job at WCCB, a television station in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also worked at Carolina Sports and Entertainment Television, a regional sports network in the USA. In 2005, Shannon joined Speed Channel, a sports-oriented cable and satellite TV network. While at Speed Channel, she worked as a reporter and was also a co-host of NASCAR Nation. During this time she also co-hosted Back Seat Drivers, a talk show.

Shannon Spake Age, Height & Salary / Career Achievements
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In 2007, the media personality joined ESPN as a part-time reporter. However, she quickly rose to become a full-time reporter after a few months. She contributed to SportsCenter in terms of reporting and also worked with SEC Network, which is part of ESPN. In 2013 she signed an extension of her contract with ESPN but left in 2014 after ESPN lost the broadcasting rights to NBC Sports.

Shannon Spake joined Fox Sports in 2016 and continues to work with the station today. She covers college football and basketball for Fox Sports and also works as a NASCAR correspondent for the station.

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According to sources, the average salaries of Fox Sports reporters are between $50,463 and $107,000. The exact salary of Shannon Spake is not certain at the moment, but it is believed that her salary will fall within this range.

Over the years, Shannon, who has worked with various media companies, is likely to have earned a considerable amount of money and will continue to earn more and more over time.

Shannon Spake’s Height

Shannon Spake is a beautiful woman and has a great body shape. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches and is said to weigh about 61 kg. Her body measurements have turned out to be 37 inches (breasts), 26 inches (waist), and 38 inches (hips). She wears a dress size 8 and a bra size 34C.